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Mexican Singer Maria Leon is enjoying the life in Miami

The singer Maria Lean never tires of impressing with her spectacular figure and with this swimsuit she left us with our mouths open.

María is one of the singers and dancers most loved by the public, her career and talent are the ideal complement to show her beauty. On each occasion it stands out for its personality and style, even if it is a garment as simple as a swimsuit.

Maria took a walk on the beaches of Miami and, very appropriately, dared to wear a swimsuit. The singer enjoyed the waters of Miami in a big way. Aboard a yacht. Leon wore a red bikini that highlighted her figure, and the artist maintains a healthy lifestyle that is reflected in her body, because with this suit it is possible to observe the exercise she performs.

María León's swimsuit was the perfect piece to show off on her walk by the sea, as the garment had a very exposed design.

The top of the suit was a classic open back triangle top. While the lower part had two thin strips on the sides and a cut to the hips.

And no matter that summer is over, the rain did not matter so that María León will enjoy her walk and wearing her red bathing suit. "When the day is not sunny, get wet in the rain", was the message he shared.

María León, in addition to being a singer, recognized for being the leader of Playa Limbo, is an excellent dancer and keeps in shape by practicing some stretching and gymnastics exercises.

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