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Mikayla Holmgren is determined to become the first model with Down syndrome for Sports Illustrated

Mikayla Holmgren made history in 2017 when she became the first-ever woman with Down syndrome to compete in the Miss Minnesota USA state pageant. Now, the 26-year-old hopes to make history again by becoming the first woman with Down syndrome to model in a swimsuit for Sports Illustrated.

Unfortunately, it won't be this year, as she recently learned that she did not make the top 15. But if her plucky, spirited attitude is any indication, Holmgren won't let the news sully her determination.

“It felt kind of bad,” Holmgren revealed in an interview about not making the cut this year. “I’ll wait until next year to compete.”

Holmgren explained that she's eager to join the publication's roster of models to raise awareness and show other people with Down syndrome that the sky's the limit.

“I wanted to bring awareness for those who have special needs and want to do modelling, like me,” she said. “[I want people to know] I can do those things.”

Holmgren's mom, Sandi, admitted that she was initially surprised when her daughter expressed interest in wanting to model for Sports Illustrated, but has since shown her complete support.

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