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Model Bru Luccas enjoying thanksgiving in Mexico

Bru was captured in the center of the frame. She was wedged in between two brick walls, and she was apparently at the Waldorf Astoria in Cabo San Lucas, according to her geotag. Bru faced the camera, meeting the lens with a sultry stare. She tucked one arm near her side and stretched the opposite over her head, resting it on the wall beside her.

Bru sizzled in a fiery red bikini that did nothing but favors for her bombshell curves. On her upper half, the model sported a tiny top that fit tightly on her chest. It had a scooping neckline with minuscule cups that left her bronze bust bursting out of the middle and the sides. It had a set of thin straps that secured over her toned shoulders, leaving her muscular arms bare.

The bottom of the swimsuit was just as revealing, and only a tiny amount of fabric covered what was necessary. It had thin string sides that were tied in dainty bows on her hips, highlighting her tiny waist and midsection. Its high-rise design also allowed Bru to flaunt her shapely thighs, which were entirely bronze. The front hit a few inches below Bru’s navel, and her sculpted abs looked picture-perfect.

Bru wore a red bracelet on her wrist that matched the color of her suit. The model styled her long brunette locks down and curled, adding a red headband to keep the rest out of her face.

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