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Natalie Roser sported just the lower half of a skimpy bikini as she posed on a beach

The Australian model and businesswoman posed with a paddleboard in Sydney, Australia according to the geotag. She was shot from the left as she turned her head to shoot a bright, genuine smile at the camera. Roser leaned her torso closer to the board as she arched her back slightly, popping her booty out.

Roser opted not to wear anything on her upper body, going fully topless for the shot. She bent her arms strategically to cover her breasts and censor the snapshot. She did wear a pair of pair of bikini bottoms. They were white, which contrasted with her sun-kissed complexion, and featured a narrow back that exposed her toned glutes.

Roser accessorized her look with simple silver hoop earrings and a ring on her middle finger. Her blond hair was loose and damp against there bare back.

Roser celebrated a new issue of The Series Mag will be released. Roser said that those wishing to see how is on the cover of the sixth issue.

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