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Natasha Oakley always looking good in a bikini

The swimsuit did nothing but favors for her curves as she struck various poses on the beach. Natasha posed in the sand underneath a cluster of overhanging tree branches and leaves.

She rested on a large rock. A body of water could be seen in the background, as well as a rock formation in the distance. According to the post’s geotag, the photos were snapped in Byron Bay, Australia. It appeared to be a beautifully sunny day as the rays shone down on the beach and poured in behind Natasha. The sun highlighted her tan skin, which looked even darker in her hot pink swimwear.

Natasha’s look was a triangle-shaped bikini top with thin strings around her neck and back. The tight fabric just barely contained her ample cleavage, which spilled out at the center.

Natasha’s flat, toned tummy was on full display between the top and a matching, V-shaped bikini bottom. The front of the bottoms sat low on her waist to show off her abs, while the string sides tied up high above her hips and drew attention to her hourglass figure. Her long, lean legs were also fully exposed.

Natasha rested on her hip on the rock as she arched her back and pointed her toes in the sand, a pose which elongated her pins. She flexed her ab muscles and stared at a point off-camera.

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Itsy Bitsy String Bikini

This skimpy little bikini is called the Itsy Bitsy. It has just the right amount of coverage to show off your body without showing too much in Hot Pink matte! Basic sliding triangle top (ties at neck and back) and itsy bitsy bottoms (ties on both sides of hip) are the perfect combination that tie everywhere for the perfect fit!...

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