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Nicole Scherzinger flashed her buns while streaking across the beach

Nicole show how ready she is to face the new year, and she used some stunning action shots to do it. The Pussycat Dolls songstress was photographed demonstrating her physical prowess on a gorgeous beach. The sand was smooth and bright, and the water looked crystal-clear near the shore. In the distance, the sea’s rippling waves were a dazzling aqua color.

Nicole’s fuchsia bikini popped against the ocean and the brilliant blue sky, which was streaked with a few wispy clouds. Her swimsuit included a pair of classic thong bottoms with flattering sides and a scanty back that put her tight glutes on full display. Her top boasted a bralette silhouette with a neckline that scooped down low to showcase her ample cleavage. The shoulder straps were wide, making the top resemble a sports bra.

Nicole needed the coverage and support that the top provided, because the four photos that she shared showed her running on the beach.

In the first shot, she splashed through the shallow swash rushing in to the shore. Her arms were positioned as if she was in a full-on sprint. Her dark hair was down, and it streamed behind her as she moved.

The next two pics showed more of her running form from the side, while she was pictured moving away from the camera in the final shot. The image captured the length of her stride while providing a peek at her bared buns. Nicole’s strong legs also commanded attention, as did her glistening bronze skin.

She also stayed active by going for a scenic bike ride, but she’s done some relaxing as well.

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