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Paige VanZant has a new sensational figure

Paige VanZant has been busy collecting coconuts. The 30-year-old MMA fighter delighted her Instagram followers with her sensational figure as she ended the weekend in bikini mode, and it was ladder game strong as she climbed up into a tree to gather her fruits. Sizzling in a cheeky two-piece that flashed everything from her fierce cleavage to her toned abs, Paige showed off her sense of fun, even ending her video with footage of herself gulping down coconut water. Fans went nuts in the comments, also leaving the former UFC star over 20,000 likes.

Rocking a multicolor string bikini with floral motifs and neon orange ties, Paige drew the eye from her muscular legs and abs to her jaw-dropping curves. Smiling as she climbed up a ladder and showed off a popping orange manicure, the blonde entered full-on explorer mode, raising herself up to the hanging fruits' level and helping herself to what Mother Nature had delivered.

Finding tons of green coconuts and seemingly delighted with her harvest, Paige VanZant grabbed the fresh fruits before throwing them to someone nearby, with a brief moment also seeing her lugging multiple coconuts across a lawn. In a sizzling finale, the Orgeon-born sensation showed off her bare buns while standing in profile as she tilted her head back to drink some fresh coconut water. "Coconut water," she wrote, throwing in both a coconut and palm tree emoji.

"I look up to you…An inspiration and incredibly beautiful," one fan wrote, although another only had eyes for Paige and her "awesome body."

Paige threw in a different kind of beverage as she marked the Fourth of July on Instagram last week. Stripping down to a plunging red swimsuit with thin straps, the bare knuckle boxer channeled Baywatchvibes in her outdoor shoot, posing by an iced crate filled with Coca-Cola cans as she also held one. "HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY," she wrote in a caption.

Paige VanZant might be all about the hydration, but this star takes it to extremes. Paige is a fan of water fasting, meaning that for a couple of days, she'll eat absolutely nothing and consume only water.

Mentioning husband Austin Vanderford as she outlined her fasting habits in December 2023, Paige told her social media fans:

“Over the last three days Austin and I completed a 72-hour fast to kick off the holidays,” adding: “Parts of it were easy because were used to cutting weight, but parts of it were also extremely hard. We really had to tap into our mental toughness." Revealing the results, she continued: “I feel incredible. I definitely didn’t expect to drop 9 pounds. I was honestly shocked that I lost more weight than Austin."

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