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Rosie Seabrook posted a picture posing and looking stunning

Love Island stars Rosie Seabrook and Casey O'Gorman are promoting their hit reality show and encouraging fans to tune in. O'Gorman posted a picture of himself posing next to Seabrook, who looked stunning in a white bathing suit. "Topping up the tan before aftersun live tonight! Make sure to tune in ??," Gorman captioned the post. Seabrook posted her own picture of the pair looking tan and happy.

Seabrook loves hiking. "The nice thing about hiking is that it exists along an entire continuum, from a gentle walk on a flat wooded path to mountain climbing," says Dr. Aaron L. Baggish, associate director of the Cardiovascular Performance Program at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital. "There's a real sense of peace and composure you get from being outside and away from everything."

Seabrook is an avid swimmer. "Many people say that by simply being in the water they feel more relaxed and less stressed," says swimming instructor Emily Morrissey. "Regular exercise helps reduce anxiety and depression, as it releases 'feel good' hormones and keeps our brains working in a healthy way. Learning to swim can allow you the opportunity to swim in beautiful places outdoors which many people find to be memories they cherish."

Seabrook loves her coffee, which experts say has many health benefits. "Coffee contains about a thousand different botanical compounds," says Devon Peart, MHSc, BASc, RD. "Coffee is made from beans, a plant food. Research is showing that the phenolic components in coffee provide health-promoting effects similar to those in vegetables or fruits."

Seabrook loves pasta dishes, especially with tomato-based sauces. "Research suggests that processing and cooking tomatoes can increase their nutritional value, in particular, their antioxidant properties and our ability to access their lycopene compounds," says registered nutritionist Nicola Shubrook. "Eating tomatoes along-with a source of fat such as an olive oil dressing helps us absorb these protective carotenoids. It's also worth bearing in mind that much of the carotenoid content is found in the skin of the fruit so eating them whole can be the most beneficial."

Seabrook has a strange phobia—she can't stand frozen food. "I have a really bad phobia of frozen food, I can't touch frozen food," she says. "I can't go anywhere near the freezer. If my mum jam packs the freezer and I have to try and get something out that I need, I just can't… I have to ask someone else to get it out for me. If I'm shopping and I have to go near the frozen section, it honestly makes me feel sick!" Luckily fresh produce is readily available!

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