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Singer Bebe Rexha decided to show what a “real woman” looks like without all the filters and airbrushing

Instagram may be a hotbed of sleek, sexy bikini photos that are photoshopped to perfection, but Bebe Rexha isn’t buying into the hype. She posed for a stunning bikini photo that shows off her curves, flaws and all.

“I probably should of photoshopped my stomach and made it look flat. I probably should of photoshopped my legs to make them look thinner. I probably should of made myself look taller and Smoothed my legs,” she wrote. “But I didn’t. Society can really f**k with you. Here is what a real woman looks like on Instagram without photoshop.”

Rexha revealed that multiple fashion designers refused to dress her for the Grammy awards because she was too large.

In early May, she also spoke about how working in entertainment has changed the way she looks at her own body. According to USA Today, her manager told her to get into “boot-camp shape” after signing a deal. She says her manager told her to lose 20 pounds and it caused her to spiral into a place where she didn’t like the way she looked.

Now, she says, she has worked hard to love herself, even though she still struggles to keep a positive self-image.

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