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Solheim cup golf star Charley Hull looking good

Charley Hull is taking a break from golf. In one of her latest social media posts, the professional athlete flaunts her fit figure in a pink bathing suit while poolside, sending her followers into a frenzy. "Perfection," commented one. "Omg what a body wow," a second chimed in. "Smoking," added a third with a bunch of fire emojis.

Charley gave BBC's Good Food a rundown of her diet. For breakfast she keeps it simple with cereal and fruit. For lunch, she will eat "something healthy like salad," she said. Dinner is usually a "healthy balanced meal like chicken and vegetables. I can't cook but fortunately I live at home so mum does all the cooking," she said.

Charley doesn't "worry too much about" her diet. "Maybe I'll have to when I'm older but at the moment I don't have to be too disciplined as long as I'm eating a fairly balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables," she said.

Charley snacks on peanut butter and jam sandwiches. "I keep them in my golf bag to munch on during the day. I also eat lots of fruit too like apples and bananas," she said. She also muches on "lots of fruit throughout the day."

Hydration is also important, says Charley. "I drink a lot of water throughout the day and top up with hydration tablets. Particularly if it's hot," she said.

What is Charley's go-to cheat meal? "Pizza! Though I actually eat that during the season too. I don't really have to watch my weight but maybe that's my age and it will all catch up with me at some point!" she said.

Aside from gold, Charley works out. "If it's a non-tournament week I'll focus on working in the gym," she told Huffington Post.

Another way Charley mixes fitness with pleasure? "I also like going for long walks with my dog. I'll usually do that before I go out so I feel less guilty," she told Huffington Post.

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