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Sophie Choudry looks pretty in a bikini

Sophie Choudry is looking pretty in a purple swimsuit! The singer shows off her incredible figure while taking a dip in the pool in one of her latest social media posts. "Bet I made you look," she captioned the series of Instagram snaps. "1000 percent !!! [Wow] girl 1000 percent !!! [Wow] girl," commented one of her followers. "Oh you did girl!!" added another.

Sophie maintains that exercise helped keep her sane during the pandemic. "I somehow managed to stay fit through lockdown by doing online sessions with my trainer, Yashmin Karachiwala, and followed YouTube videos. With all of us being stuck in our homes, one thing we have to do is focus on our health. Working out helps me to keep my physical fitness and mental sanity. I got into such a good routine through the lockdown," she told Times of India.

Sophie encourages mixing up workouts. "I do pilates, strength training, and cardio," she told Times of India. " I go four times a week. I don't work out to be skinny or anything like that. As soon as work gets full-blown again, in terms of stage shows and shooting, you need to be fit to be in this line of work. It makes me really happy and I enjoy working out."

'I think if you are lucky to find the form of workout you enjoy, then you will be excited to go," Sophie told Times of India. "For some people, it's weight training, yoga, running, dancing. For me it is pilates. Because I love it so much so it never feels like a routine or chores. It is something I am really passionate about. I still try to do some stuff online at home because I realized that I enjoy that. It is possible to stay fit at home. There is so much stuff available online on YouTube. It is really about your determination."

"I don't believe in extreme dieting or extreme workouts," Sophie old OnManorama. "My motto has always been consistency. I feelI feel fitness has to be a part of your lifestyle and it should come naturally to yourself.Then, you will not find it difficult and you will not treat it as a chore."

Sophie maintains a healthy diet, detailing it to Telegraph Online. "I wake up in the morning and start my day with a cup of my own detox tea, Fittox, which is really good and I genuinely swear by it. It's a great way for me to start my day," she said. "Breakfast is super important, that's the meal I look forward to. It can be eggs and toast or avocado on toast or almond milk porridge with some berries. I have a green tea with it." For lunch she enjoys one or two rotis with sabzi or a grilled chicken with a salad or an avocado salad. "My five o'clock snack is some dry fruits and a coffee at 7pm in the evening, I have some soup. If I'm really hungry, I might have some tofu or a little bit of chicken with that. After 8pm, I don't eat. If I'm hungry, then I'll have a herbal tea at night while watching Netflix or something. Or hopefully, my own show Work It Up (laughs)! I'll probably just have herbal tea and a piece of dark chocolate, that's about it," she concluded.

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