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Sophie Nélisse in bathing suit says hi from Mexico

Sophie Nélisse is enjoying time on vacation—and deservedly so, after the success of her hit show Yellowjackets. Rather than fighting for survival in the frozen woods, as her character does, her current activities include lounging by the pool, reading a book, snapping photos, and looking stunning. Nélisse posted a photo of herself in a black bathing suit, perched on a chair poolside. She had a camera in her hand and a book by her side. She captioned the photo, "Currently at page 287 of my book and picture 16 of my roll."

While Nélisse is currently a successful actress, she is also a student, and makes sure that she has a backup plan for the future. Nélisse told Made In, "I'm a film student. I don't necessarily do it because I'm an actress but because I want to have a plan B. As part of my course, I'm taking math classes and could continue on to study finance or communications in university."

While getting one of your projects reviewed can be good for an actress, it can also be a toll on your self-esteem. Nélisse says that this is the reason she avoids reading comments and reviews on her projects. She tells Made In, "I also get sent reviews, but I never read them. Everyone has a different opinion and I prefer not to read negative comments."

Nélisse says to Made In that she doesn't feel the need to change her personality or persona in public or on social media. "Of course, I'm careful with what I publish on my social channels but I stay myself. Actually, I can't not be myself in life and it's funny since my job is to become someone else. But I think it would be so taxing to try and be someone else online and it would feel strange since I meet a lot of people who see the real Sophie."

Being an actress can be very difficult. It comes with a lot of rejection and negativity. However, Nélisse tells Made In, that a big part of her success is staying positive. "I have a positive energy and I'm an extrovert, which are traits that are important to succeed in my job."

Nélisse tells Made In that she is a very persistent person, and encourages others to have that same attitude. "If I had to give one piece of advice, I would say: don't give up. There are times that feel more difficult, but you should never throw the towel in and listen to those who say you should do something else. In my industry, it's about timing and chance circumstances. When I'm not selected for a part, it feels like a blow on the spot, but I believe everything happens for a reason."

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