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Swedish bombshell Elsa Hosk, looks youthful as she shows off her abs and figure in a bikini

Victoria's Secret veteran Elsa Hosk slipped into another skimpy bikini on Tuesday for an Instagram post.

The Swedish wonder looked more like a teenager than a 35-year-old mother-of-one as she had on a pale blue floral print two piece..

The star - who was seen the day before in a pink swimsuit - also took to her caption to talk up her new collaboration with New York based brand Heavy Manners.

Elsa x @heavymanners is HERE! One of my favorite collabs I’ve ever done,' cooed the Vogue model.

'I’m in love every piece in this little swim capsule, the colors, the different personalities of the prints, the energy, the cuts, the vibes!'

She then said: 'Thank you @hotstufflildevil for being such a bad a** boss angel and for collaborating in the truest form, creating with you was magical. I hope you all love it as much as we do. (I’m wearing “some velvet morning”).'

Her 8.6M followers, including Lori Harvey, seemed to love the new post.

The leggy wonder posed by the shore on the island of Saint John in the Caribbean.

On Monday she debuted her partnership with online brand Heavy Manners.

Heavy Manners is a New York City based ready-to-wear and swimwear brand. The company was founded by Lisa Caprio in 2019.

'My swim collab with @heavymanners LIVE today at 3pm EST I’m wearing Lolita, Light Of My Life,' wrote the star in her caption on Instagram.

Hosk was seen in three bathing suits: She had on a light hot pink design, a red cherry print number, and a brown 1960s style print.

Heavy Manners wrote online: 'I can’t wait for you guys to see the entire collection. Thank you Elsa for making this the most special experience.

'There are no words and so many words at the same time.

'Your creativity and your attention to detail is something I have admired for so long.

'The way you create moments and images that stick in people’s minds is incredible but who you are and your heart is admirable beyond words...

'Thank you for gracefully guiding me through not only our first collaboration but our first major campaign...

'Thank you to everyone that helps my little world go round, I think the world of you, and my little family in Portugal that works so hard for me every single day to make a little kids dreams come true.'

Hosk then replied: 'Crying. I love you and I love our collection SO much!!!!!

'Thank you Angel for letting me create with you and for everyone that loves heavy manners as much as me!! It was just Magic✨✨✨✨.'

Elsa also has her own brand called Helsa, the apparel line she launched in 2022. The brand sells dresses, tops, shorts, cardigans and suits.

'It’s insane. It feels like there’s no defined job anymore,' Elsa told Elle magazine last year.

'I’m styling, I’m designing, I’m doing influencing jobs. I don’t even know what to call myself.

'I think I have this creative brain, and this business brain, and I love success. I really do. I want things to be successful. When I take something on, I do it with my whole heart.'

The Swedish supermodel is in a relationship with Tom Daly, the co-founder of Running Vision.

She and Tom met in 2015, the same year Elsa was named a Victoria's Secret Angel.

Elsa had already garnered four years of experience with the famous lingerie line, walking in the iconic Victoria's Secret Fashion Show since 2011.

Ironically the leggy beauty initially wanted to pursue a career in professional women's basketball while she still lived in Sweden.

However, after she moved to New York City, the star ended up going into modelling full-time.

After establishing herself in the modeling world for nearly a decade, the statuesque model was chosen to wear the $1 million Dream Angels fantasy bra in the 2018 Victoria's Secret fashion show.

Elsa has also walked for many other legendary fashion designers, including Calvin Klein, Versace, and Dior among others.

Elsa and Tom together have a daughter named Tuulikki Joan.

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