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Tarsha Whitmore is one of Instagram's youngest sensations

The 18-year-old social media sensation is known for her year-round tan and bikini-ready body, as are the tiny bikinis she uses to showcase both.

As one of Instagram’s youngest sensations, Tarsha comes with youth on her side. Currently Tarsha is in Thailand. The model seems to have chosen exotic and picture-perfect beaches for her trip.

Carefree as the travels of Instagram models may seem, they can come with an agenda. For Tarsha’s current Thai travels, that agenda seems to come as a promotional one.

While Tarsha may well have been enjoying a vacation on her own watch, her work as a social media influencer continues. Her bio introduces her ambassador status with the affordable clothing brand.

With her sensational curves and unique beauty Tarsha seems to own the world.

While Tarsha’s 468,000 followers may feel relatively modest, they are fast accumulating.

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