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The 33-year-old Chanelle Hayes has been soaking up some late year sunshine in Spain as she flaunts 112 pound weight loss

Chanelle Hayes looked like sunshine in human form as she stripped down to a brightly coloured bikini and hit the beach for some winter rays.

The mum-of-two stunned fellow sun worshippers as she went for a paddle on the beach in Palma on the Spanish Island of Mallorca.

While the UK has been plunged into chilly weather and icy rain, the Balearic Islands are continuing to enjoy more palatable temperatures of the late teens Celsius.

Chanelle certainly looked like she was enjoying the warmer weather as she dipped her toes in the surf and strolled along the sandy shoreline.

The former Big Brother contestant has impressed fans in recent months by showcasing her incredible weight loss – having dropped over eight stone after utilising gastric sleeve surgery to help her lose weight.

Former glamour model Chanelle has struggled with her weight since she shot to fame in 2007 – and has now reinvented herself as something of a body positivity expert.

She wrote: "Let’s talk about bodies. We all have them, we all dislike parts of them, we all see other people who have bodies more preferable to our own tastes. But let’s reeeaally talk bodies: we need them to live, they enable us to breathe, to move, to laugh, to think, to dance, to feel. Our bodies contain our hearts, vital organs, our souls, our most important pieces. We only see the outsides of our bodies. But who cares about a phone case more than they care about the actual phone?!”

"I have wobbles and jiggles and bits I don’t love about myself, but looking at the physical data on paper from my healthcare team of how much my health has improved since the weight loss that caused these jiggles helps me to embrace the bits of the outer me I don’t like."

Chanelle recently shared a photograph of herself as she is today – compared and contrasted with a photo of herself from her lads mag days.

She wrote: “Pics I used to post vs pics I post now. I am the same weight (give or take 1-2lb) in both the these pictures.

“One was airbrushed to within an inch of its life and I could still pick it to pieces whereas the other has zero editing and - although I still don’t love the look of it and would like to change bits of it- I accept that it’s the real me. It scares me that some of the pictures we post online are so unlike the real us, we wouldn’t actually recognise each other in the street without the editing or filters.

“At least you know if you see a rough saggy old bird with a flat butt it’s actually me and not that unrecognisable species on the left lol.”

Taking aim at the lace underwear she modelled in her lads mag shoot, she added: “Also I much prefer the Matalan basics set on the right instead of all those fiddly bits on the fancy sets.”

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