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The Best and most memorable Bikini scenes in a Movie, the first two being Bo Derek and Halle Berry

These are the first two of ten Best Bikini Scenes in a Movie. Check back for the next eight.  

Bo Derek in the movie 10. One of the most memorable, and most parodied, bikini moments in Hollywood history came courtesy of Derek's famous, slow-motion beach jog in 1979's  movie 10. (Let’s not get technical, in 1979 this one piece was just as sexy as a bikini.) 

The comedy starred Dudley Moore as a middle-aged man who believes Derek to be the perfect woman.

The beach sequence, which occurs in Moore's dream, showed Derek bouncing towards Moore in a tiny, flesh-toned bikini. The scene, and her cornrow hairstyle, helped make Derek a bona fide Hollywood sex symbol for years to come.

Halle Berry in the movie Die Another Day. Berry made history as the first black Bond girl in 2002's Die Another Day, but her character also paid homage to one of the franchise's earliest heroines.

The scene in which she emerges from the ocean wearing a belted orange bikini is a direct throwback to Andress's Honey Ryder in Dr. No.

Lindy Hemming, the film's costume designer, insisted she wear the bikini with a knife as a tribute. "It's splashy, it's exciting, it's sexy, it's provocative and it's fun,” she said. 

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