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The Victoria’s Secret Angel Josephine Skriver looking better than ever

A trio of images we can saw the Danish beauty showing some skin in a classic white bikini that perfectly suited her killer curves. The two-piece included an underwire-style top with a wide and deep neckline that showed off an eyeful of her voluptuous cleavage and bronzed decolletage. It also had thin spaghetti straps that highlighted her toned arms and shoulders.

The matching bottoms featured a high-rise waistband that fit snugly around Josephine’s midsection, accentuating her trim waist and slender frame. The garment also boasted a daringly high-cut design that offered a peek at her curvy hips and shapely thighs.

Josephine slipped into the sexy swimwear for what appeared to be a relaxing day out on a luxurious yacht. She was perched on the edge of a long walkway that was suspended over the deep blue ocean water — a daring position that alone was likely enough to get a few pulses racing.

The bombshell sat at the edge of the walkway with her lean legs dangling over the edge. She was positioned high above the camera with a gorgeous view of the cloudy sky behind her that was lit up by the bright sun.

The second photo was a close-up shot of the model in the same spot, though she turned around and sat with her legs crisscrossed in front. The angle provided the best view of Josephine in her skimpy bikini and treated her audience to a full view of her ample assets, flat tummy, and abs.

The final slide saw her again hanging her lower body over the water. She struck a more casual pose that time with one leg bent up at the knee as the breeze blew gently through her light brown locks.

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