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When not in the gym Venezuelan bodybuilding Michelle Lewin likes To Live It Up Beachside

Although she started her career as a model in her home country, Michelle now lives in South Florida and owns a worldwide fitness business with her husband, Jimmy. Her ability to maintain a shredded body that's still feminine earned her a cult-like following worldwide.

Michelle celebrated her 36th year with her family and pet animals, thanking God for their support and love.

The model shared a back view of herself wearing a green bikini with her platinum blonde hair let down in bouncy curls to her back as she lifts her hands in meditation.

Michelle Lewin takes in the serene view of the vast sea ahead of her flanked y rocks and vegetation and expresses awe at the beauty of nature.

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Butterfly String Bikini

The Butterfly String Bikini in Pineapple Matte is on trend with extra long strings to tie anyway and anywhere you want.  If they are too long, simply cut to the adjusted length and add a slip knot at the end.  The butterfly sides can slide up and down to give you the perfect coverage for your bust and has a...

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