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Swedish bombshell Elsa Hosk, looks youthful as she shows off her abs and figure in a bikini

Victoria's Secret veteran Elsa Hosk slipped into another skimpy bikini on Tuesday for an Instagram post.

The Swedish wonder looked more like a teenager than a 35-year-old mother-of-one as she had on a pale blue floral print two piece..

The star - who was seen the day before in a pink swimsuit - also took to her caption to talk up her new collaboration with New York based brand Heavy Manners.

Elsa x @heavymanners is HERE! One of my favorite collabs I’ve ever done,' cooed the Vogue model.

'I’m in love every piece in this little swim capsule, the colors, the different personalities of the prints, the energy, the cuts, the vibes!'

She then said: 'Thank you @hotstufflildevil for being such a bad a** boss angel and for collaborating in the truest form, creating with you was magical. I hope you all love it as much as we do. (I’m wearing “some velvet morning”).'

Her 8.6M followers, including Lori Harvey, seemed to love the new post.

The leggy wonder posed by the shore on the island of Saint John in the Caribbean.

On Monday she debuted her partnership with online brand Heavy Manners.

Heavy Manners is a New York City based ready-to-wear and swimwear brand. The company was founded by Lisa Caprio in 2019.

'My swim collab with @heavymanners LIVE today at 3pm EST I’m wearing Lolita, Light Of My Life,' wrote the star in her caption on Instagram.

Hosk was seen in three bathing suits: She had on a light hot pink design, a red cherry print number, and a brown 1960s style print.

Heavy Manners wrote online: 'I can’t wait for you guys to see the entire collection. Thank you Elsa for making this the most special experience.

'There are no words and so many words at the same time.

'Your creativity and your attention to detail is something I have admired for so long.

'The way you create moments and images that stick in people’s minds is incredible but who you are and your heart is admirable beyond words...

'Thank you for gracefully guiding me through not only our first collaboration but our first major campaign...

'Thank you to everyone that helps my little world go round, I think the world of you, and my little family in Portugal that works so hard for me every single day to make a little kids dreams come true.'

Hosk then replied: 'Crying. I love you and I love our collection SO much!!!!!

'Thank you Angel for letting me create with you and for everyone that loves heavy manners as much as me!! It was just Magic✨✨✨✨.'

Elsa also has her own brand called Helsa, the apparel line she launched in 2022. The brand sells dresses, tops, shorts, cardigans and suits.

'It’s insane. It feels like there’s no defined job anymore,' Elsa told Elle magazine last year.

'I’m styling, I’m designing, I’m doing influencing jobs. I don’t even know what to call myself.

'I think I have this creative brain, and this business brain, and I love success. I really do. I want things to be successful. When I take something on, I do it with my whole heart.'

The Swedish supermodel is in a relationship with Tom Daly, the co-founder of Running Vision.

She and Tom met in 2015, the same year Elsa was named a Victoria's Secret Angel.

Elsa had already garnered four years of experience with the famous lingerie line, walking in the iconic Victoria's Secret Fashion Show since 2011.

Ironically the leggy beauty initially wanted to pursue a career in professional women's basketball while she still lived in Sweden.

However, after she moved to New York City, the star ended up going into modelling full-time.

After establishing herself in the modeling world for nearly a decade, the statuesque model was chosen to wear the $1 million Dream Angels fantasy bra in the 2018 Victoria's Secret fashion show.

Elsa has also walked for many other legendary fashion designers, including Calvin Klein, Versace, and Dior among others.

Elsa and Tom together have a daughter named Tuulikki Joan.

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Celeb trainer and hot pilates founder Shannon Nadj flaunts her bikini body

Celebrity trainer and Hot Pilates founder Shannon Nadj reveals how to get bikini body ready for summer 2024.

It's getting hot in here! Hot Pilates founder Shannon Nadj has helped celebs including Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Shay Mitchell, Shanina Shaik, and more A-listers get in tip-top shape, and now the trainer is sharing her bikini body secrets with ET as we head into summer 2024.

The fitness guru is known for her intense, heated, full-body mat Pilates workouts that tone muscles through classic Pilates poses mixed with weights, cardio, and exercise bands — and as the temperature heats up, so do her classes.

"For the next few weeks, we are focusing on the core with a killer abdominal burn. In the studio, we are challenging our community to complete 21 classes within a 30-day cycle. Online, we have an Ab Challenge and we are dropping five new workouts per week for the next three weeks," Nadj explains.

Think: Pilates-inspired ab moves, teaser variations, cardio bursts, low impact HIIT exercises, and killer core combination moves.

"We prioritize form and technique to achieve the best results. Emphasizing proper posture and initiating from your center and core will leave you feeling strong," she shares.

Once you finish the series, you can expect to feel your absolute best (and maybe a little sore too.)

"I hope clients feel confident, strong, and sculpted. … Strength is a priceless confidence booster," she says.

So when it’s time to head to the beach and snap a photo for Instagram, all you'll need is your go-to sunny weather must-haves.

"I like to exfoliate my skin, give myself a lymphatic massage, make a de-bloating smoothie, and stay hydrated before a beach day. … I always bring SPF, sunglasses, a good book, a speaker, and a bottle of Le Carenage Rosé," Nadj spills.

So when it’s time to head to the beach and snap a photo for Instagram, all you'll need is your go-to sunny weather must-haves.

"I like to exfoliate my skin, give myself a lymphatic massage, make a de-bloating smoothie, and stay hydrated before a beach day. … I always bring SPF, sunglasses, a good book, a speaker, and a bottle of Le Carenage Rosé," Nadj spills.

To keep up with your summer body, Nadj recommends finding a consistent routine that works for you and your schedule -- no matter how busy.

"Follow a healthy diet, stay hydrated, and continue to find a way to move daily. Repeat the online challenge at your leisure. Classes are travel friendly, no equipment necessary and under 25 minutes long," she notes.

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Madison Beer shows off her toned body in a bikini

Madison Beer made waves with a TikTok post, where she flaunted her figure in a striking black bikini, although the video has since been deleted.

The 25-year-old singer stunned her followers as she showcased her flat midriff and ample cleavage in the lingerie-inspired ensemble.

In the now-vanished clip, Madison rocked a Frankie's Bikinis x Gigi Hadid black triangle bikini top with light pink straps adorned with charming bow accents.

Notably, she wore the bikini top upside down, creating a unique and eye-catching silhouette that added an extra touch of allure to her look.

The triangle cups of the bikini provided just the right amount of coverage for Madison's ample chest, teasing a tantalizing glimpse of underboob.

Completing her look were thin halter-style straps that gracefully accentuated her toned arms, adding to the overall allure of her beach attire.

Flat Tummy On Display

Madison didn't shy away from showcasing her curves with the matching bottoms, which proved to be equally as revealing as the top. The bottoms boasted a bold, high-cut design that accentuated her curvaceous hips and shapely thighs, while their cheeky style highlighted her rounded backside.

With the sides pulled high up, the bottoms tightly cinched her hips, emphasizing her slender waist and enviable hourglass silhouette. Her toned midsection and abs were prominently on display, much to the delight of her adoring fans.

Madison, a prominent influencer and music artist recognized for hits like "BoySh*t" and "Showed Me," commands a significant online presence. With nearly 20 million followers on TikTok and over 38 million on Instagram, she has cultivated a massive fan base. However, her popularity hasn't shielded her from criticism.

Despite her widespread appeal, Madison has faced scrutiny from netizens on multiple occasions in the past. Various issues have sparked controversy and drawn negative attention toward her.

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Christen Harper credits plant-based diet for keeping her bikini-ready

When it came time to slip into a skimpy swimsuit, Christen Harper was ready for her close-up.

The model was photographed by Ben Watts in Portugal for the 2024 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. The outlet is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

The fiancée of Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff told Fox News Digital following a plant-based diet has been her secret to looking — and feeling — her best in swimwear.

"I’m a longtime animal lover," said the 30-year-old. "I never wanted to do anything that would hurt them. That’s what initially made me make the switch to a more plant-based lifestyle.

"I live in California, the mecca for that kind of eating," she chuckled. "So, it hasn’t been too hard. But it’s a choice I made to just eat vegetables. … For me, it was an easy choice, and it makes me feel so good. I feel like I’m glowing from the inside out just eating that type of food. … And I have a fun time trying to come up with more plant-forward recipes."

The new issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit was published May 17 with seven covers. For her spread, Harper insisted she didn’t have to take on a new diet to get in shape. Her usual routine had given her plenty of confidence. But stocking up on fruits and veggies over animal products hasn’t always been easy, she admitted.

"I’m a quarter Japanese, so I grew up eating so much Japanese food, which included a lot of sushi," said Harper. "For me, that was the hardest part, to kind of let that go. It has been so much a part of my childhood and growing up. But there are so many good plant-based alternatives these days. I love a tofu roll or an avocado roll. You can get the same feeling and still go to a sushi bar.

"I realized the most important part about food is sharing the experience with the people you’re with," she shared. "It doesn’t matter what you’re eating as long as you feel like you’re a part of the experience. So, I still love going to sushi bars and eating delicious Japanese food. I just pick veggie options. … Everything else has been pretty easy."

Harper said those who are curious have plenty of options these days to savor plant-based dishes without compromising on taste.

"That’s the first cardinal rule. You have to go out and do whatever it is you want to do," said Harper. "If you like dining out with friends and going to restaurants, don’t miss out on that. It doesn’t have to be so black and white.

"First, you can try going plant-based at home. You can start slow, adding a few plant-forward ingredients to your meals or trying a new plant-forward recipe. Remember, you’re choosing to feed your body. Have fun with it. And, personally, that was the most fun thing about going plant-based — dining out at restaurants.

"Many restaurants these days have plant-based options," Harper noted. "But if you notice that the menu doesn’t show a lot of options, I’ll ask the server to have the chef come up with a fun plant-based dish. It allows the chef to be creative or try a recipe they don’t normally get a chance to make, just for you. It might just be a bunch of different veggie sides put together, but usually, they love getting that opportunity to make something unique. And it’s fun to try something different, something you wouldn’t usually order.

"But almost everything can be turned more plant-based," Harper added. "Even Taco Bell. One of my favorite things there is swapping out the meat for beans. I can get a delicious taco or Crunchwrap Supreme anywhere just the way I like it. And sometimes going plant-based is as simple as making a little switch from meat to beans, or meat to veggies. It’s about getting a little creative and making it fun and delicious."

Harper said when she’s not hitting the waves at the beach, she likes to try new recipes at home.

"My go-to is always pasta," said Harper. "I love to make a spicy rigatoni with a homemade sauce that’s all plant-based. I love to make soups and rice bowls with fresh seasonal veggies. I am not the best cook, but I’m learning to get better. Right now, I’m doing a sourdough baking experiment. That’s my next journey. I’ll let you know how that goes."

Harper said posing for the magazine has given her a body confidence boost.

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Bella Hadid was spotted soaking up the sun in Cannes

Pretty in pink!

Bella Hadid was spotted soaking up in the sun on Sunday in Cannes, France, clad in a tiny rosewater-colored bikini.

While the Cannes Film Festival is currently in full swing, Hadid has yet to pop up at the event.

Still, she has been spotted strolling around the Croisette and enjoying time on yachts during the past week.

On the same day as her shoreside hang, Hadid was seen out and about in an itty-bitty brown corset dress styled with a Prada rosette bag and matching mules.

The younger Hadid sister famously took a break from modeling in 2023 as she underwent treatment for Lyme disease, but has slowly returned to the scene in recent months, posing on the cover of Perfect magazine in January.

She also hasn’t been shy about showing off her new relationship with fellow equestrian Adan Banuelos, occasionally posting shots of the pair kissing on Instagram.

Hadid is no stranger to head-turning Cannes style, memorably showing up in a plunging black Schiaparelli gown with golden trompe l’oeil lungs in 2021 and showing plenty of leg in red-hot Alexandre Vauthier Couture in 2016.

Will she be trading her two-pieces for something more formal in the near future? Our fingers are crossed.

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Sonal Kukreja dazzles in bikini

Sonal Kukreja, the newly crowned Miss Supranational India 2024, has been turning heads with her breathtaking bikini looks. The Indian model and beauty pageant title holder recently shared stunning pictures on her Instagram, showcasing her impeccable physique.

Her toned abs, sculpted legs, and flawless curves have garnered admiration and praise from fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Sonal’s confidence and poise in her bikini photos highlight her dedication to fitness and self-care, embodying the epitome of grace and strength.

Each post exudes a sense of empowerment, inspiring many to embrace their own beauty and confidence. Her effortless elegance and striking presence in swimwear solidify her status as a true fashion icon.

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Gymnast Livvy Dunne likes wearing tiny bikinis

Gymnast Olivia "Livvy" Dunne kicked off her second year as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model in dramatic fashion. In fact, she made jaws drop while rocking tiny bikinis for a recent photoshoot.

On Tuesday, May 14, Dunne took to Instagram to share a pair of photos that practically broke the internet. "We’re so back @si_swimsuit ?," the 21-year-old captioned her update.

In the featured picture, the former student-athlete donned a white bikini with a thong bottom. She reached her hands above her head while looking over her left shoulder and giving the camera a sultry pose. For the second snap, Dunne wore a purple string bikini featuring tied strings while leaning way back against some railing, showcasing her toned abs and flowing locks of hair.

Instagram users took to the comments section in droves to react to Dunne's breathtaking photos. One person declared, "broke both of my kneecaps falling to the floor in walmart," while another person joking echoed, "Some dude just broke his kneecaps falling in walmart."

Meanwhile, someone else declared, "Jaw is on the floor."

Yet another Instagram user wrote, "STUNNING!!! ????."

Gorgeous swimsuit photos aside, Dunne has made headlines in recent weeks when her boyfriend, Paul Skenes, made his MLB starting debut. The Pittsburgh Pirates player, 21, pitched for four innings on Saturday, May 11—and Dunne was there to support him.

In fact, the SI Swim model even did an interview with SportsNet Pittsburgh. The official MLB TikTok account shared a clip from the chat, writing in the caption, "Livvy Dunne entering her MLB WAG era.”

Hopefully, fans will get to see more stunning photos of Dunne in addition to catching glimpses of her cheering for her MLB beau!

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Helen Skelton getting ready for summer

Helen Skelton's black bikini teamed with statement orange sunglasses, gold hoop earrings and a lowkey topknot bun proves that simplistic swimwear spiced up with bold accessories is the way to go this summer.

When it comes to poolside dressing, there are a few things that can be tricky. From finding the best swimsuit brands to suit your style to trying to adhere to 2024 swimwear trends, all the while hunting for bikinis or swimsuits that you feel comfy in, it can feel like there's lots to contend with.

But a recent snap shared by Helen Skelton shows that looking stylish in swimwear can be as easy as relying on an old faithful black swimsuit or two-piece and dressing it up with accessories. There's no need to keep scouring the shops for vibrant swimwear - stick to the simple pieces you know and love and add flair with sunglasses and jewellery.

As she relished in a spa day in the sunny Lake District, the TV host posed in the swimming pool. In the snapshot, Helen can be seen sporting a simple black bikini, alongside a pair of transparent, neon orange sunglasses. Colourful sunnies are one of the biggest sunglasses trends of 2024 - and Helen has got us itching to buy some just like her vivid Aperol Spritz-toned pair.

When it came to her hair, a no-fuss messy topknot was the order of the day, while a pair of chubby gold hoop earrings added a touch of glam to her relaxation look.

Helen is clearly big on accessories and regularly shares Instagram photos of her outfits, in which the likes of her jewellery, sunglasses, belts, hats and shoes always stand out.

The doting mum-of-three impressed us with a recent look as she enjoyed a day at the beach with her little ones, opting for an edgier outfit consisting of black leggings, a simple black cami, a chunky gold chain necklace and a cool baseball cap.

Topping the ensemble off, Helen went for yet another pair of her favorite oversized sunglasses, shielding her eyes with the huge tortoise shell frames.

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Paulina Gretzky stunned her followers with some steamy bikini photos

Paulina Gretzky stunned her followers with some steamy bikini photos just ahead of the PGA Championship. Gretzky snapped the sultry pics while on vacation with her husband, Dustin Johnson, and their pals.

“Package deal,” the model, and daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, captioned the carousel of three photos.

The first shows Gretzky and a friend posing for a mirror selfie in their bikinis and short-shorts. In the second snap, Gretzky is reclining on a cabana bed in a pink bikini. A final group picture features Gretzky, Johnson, and their guests huddled together in a speed boat, grinning.

Unsurprisingly, fans couldn’t keep their jaws from dropping. “Got room for another Dustin on the boat?” wrote saucy IG-user @dustingiannelli.

Gretzky and Johnson married in 2022. They share two sons, a nine-year-old and a six-year-old.

“Lottery winner every single day,” @bergy037 commented, tagging Johnson.

Johnson left the PGA Tour in 2022 and began playing with Saudi-backed LIV Golf. He’s one of 17 LIV players competing in the PGA Championship, which kicked off Thursday.

In the Netflix documentary Full Swing (via The New York Post), Gretzky revealed that their family received death threats after Johnson left the PGA for a reported $125 million.

“People were aggressive, that’s for sure. But that’s when I shut it down for a little bit,” Gretzky said. “I was like, I don’t need to look at this. Everyone has an opinion on it. Fine.”

Ultimately, though, Gretzky said Johnson’s defection was “the right move" for the family. “We have more control now of how we do things,” she reflected. “That old life that we had, I had to take a backseat, but now it feels like we’re in the front of the plane together flying. It was the right move.”

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Eva Longoria in strapless bikini has curves in all the right places

Eva Longoria quickly gained compliments as beach snaps of her showed her flawless figure last fall. In October 2023, the Desperate Housewives star was photographed making her way out of the ocean as she enjoyed a vacation in Marbella, Spain, and she was checking boxes for swimwear style, tan goals, and, it would seem, for having "curves in all the right places." Sizzling in a strapless bikini that showed off her fit figure, Eva looked fabulous as she approaches 50.

Scroll for the photos. Looking like a total bombshell as she went pretty in pink, Eva soaked up the Spanish sunshine in a bandeau-style, slightly ruched bikini that highlighted her cleavage, sculpted abs, and gym-honed legs.

Carrying a water bottle as she hit the shore, the brunette dropped jaws with her defined torso muscles and curvy hips, showing off a glowing tan and wearing her dark locks down and soaking wet. Eva completed her beachy look with statement shades, opting out of any other accessories but keeping glam with a chic manicure.

Further photos showed the Hollywood star splashing about the surf as she peeked her pert rear before relaxing on the beach with a glass of wine. Fans have been busy commenting. Seemingly thinking that Eva was once too slender, one fan wrote: "Omg she looks amazing. She used to be tiny. Now she has curves in all the right places." Another said that she "looks great," with a third asking: "How is she so hot?"

Reminding her Instagram fans of her sensational silhouette last August, Eva stripped down to this micro bikini as she flaunted her oiled-up body in the sun. Lying on her back as she modeled a black bikini, the star kept things fun with a "Tequila" logo baseball cap, writing "My kind of R&R" as she shared a gallery of snaps from her time off. The post gained over 180,000 likes, including one from fellow actress Sofia Vergara.

When profiled by The Cut about her wellness, Eva outlined her love of baths and meditation, also touching on her workout routine.

"People are like, “You’re always working out,” and they think it’s vanity, but that’s my hour where I can really get my endorphins pumping and prepare me for the day. It’s my mental health hour. I think a lot of times people think self care is I got to go to the spa, I have to get a massage, it could be many things. It could be sit down and take a deep breath, journal, sit down and name five things you’re grateful for today," she revealed.

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Alexandra Daddario looking really good

Alexandra Daddario's fans still can't get over her September 2023 sunbathing snaps. Soaking up the final rays of summer last fall, The White Lotus actress dropped jaws in her Instagram-posted beach photos, striking a bombshell pose from the shorefront and showing off her sensational figure. Stripping down to a skimpy two-piece as she highlighted her curves, Daddario gained over 900,000 fan likes, but for some, that wasn't enough. Just last month, a fan account dedicated to the 38-year-old reposted the shot, and it was here that she was dubbed a "perfect 10."

Throwing her head towards the sky as she arched her back a little, Alexandra sizzled under beating rays while rocking a tight, dark green bikini. Keeping her look sexy and sporty as she flashed her toned legs and abs, the Hollywood star flaunted some underboob while donning glam shades, with a cascading hair finish upping the ante even further.

Enjoying golden sands as she lay near lapping waters, Alexandra folded her legs a little as she kept comfy during her glam moment, one captioned: "Gilligan!!!"

While one fan called the actress "the hottest woman in the world," another crowned her a "perfect 10." Others sent perfect emoji, plus heart and fire ones. Alexandra may be famous for curves, but with the muscle she packed on for 2017 movie Baywatch, she's also a fitness icon. The workout queen loves outdoor hikes and yoga and has also opened up on the healthy salads and Lara bars she loves.

“The only vegetable my husband likes is broccoli, so I put a ton of broccoli in that,” she's revealed, referencing husband Andrew Form. “And everyone's obsessed with Parmesan cheese in the house, so I put a lot of parmesan on everything with olive oil or butter. Sometimes a combo if it’s a really exciting night!”

Ditching the glam posing for a gorgeous, fresh-faced smile in this photo, Alexandra wowed her fans in a nautical striped bikini in blue and white. Flaunting her insanely toned abs and curvy hips, the Dior ambassador kneeled from a boat cruising through ocean waters, even going wet-haired as she wore zero makeup.

"Whenever I put something great on, it can just instinctively make me feel confident. When you put on the perfect dress or outfit, it feels like being in love and it makes you feel like your best self," the star told Harper's Bazaar as she discussed what really makes her feel beautiful.

In 2022, Daddario made headlines for rocking a mint-green Aerie bikini as she topped up her tan and enjoyed a lake day. The outing, which included sister Catherine Daddario, even saw the duo twinning in swimwear as they lounged around and enjoyed a paddleboard session.

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Mai Tai Bikini Black

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Georgia Harrison looks sensational in bikini

Georgia Harrison looked sensational as she stripped to a leopard print bikini in Mexico.

The 29-year-old took to Instagram to share some snaps from her holiday, including one of her showing off her enviable figure in the two piece.

Love Island star Georgia posed with her hair pushed back while pouting for the camera.

Another photo showed Georgia stunning in a sparkly blue bikini.

No doubt Georgia is taking a much needed break from the UK after clashing with ex Anton Danyluk at last weekend's TV Baftas.

The former couple left the Love Island All Stars villa together earlier this year but split last month after weeks of rumours.

Last weekend, after narrowly avoiding a run-in on the red carpet, Anton claimed Georgia told him to "f*ck off" when they did see each other at the after party.

He told The Sun: “I saw Georgia and wanted to be civil.

“I said ‘hi’ and she replied ‘f*ck off’

“I’ve been nothing but good to her. I don’t understand."

Georgia was also overheard joking with friends: “Urgh, men. F*** men. Every boyfriend is worse than the last."

It was later revealed Georgia took a brutal swipe at Anton before their clash.

As she gave an interview ahead of the ceremony Georgia insisted she didn't know of any "hot men" attending - despite being aware Anton was there.

She said: "Absolutely not. Not so far. If you know anyone, let me know!"

During their relationship, Georgia was famously slammed by Anton's mum who wasn’t convinced by their romance on the ITV2 show.

Luckily Georgia missed out on a run-in with Anton's mum at the Baftas as he instead took model Hannah Olivia Kenyon as his date.

Anton told us: “My mum was invited and was meant to be coming but I asked this gorgeous lady instead.

"It would have been very awkward if my mum had bumped into Georgia here."

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Mai Tai Bikini

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Model Toni Garrn stuns in bikini

Toni Garrn is tying herself in knots — or at least her shirt — over this fashion shoot beside the ocean.

The 31-year-old wore a white bikini and blue stripe blouse while posing for online retailer Lascana.

Toni is married to Brit Alex Pettyfer, star of 2006 spy movie Stormbreaker. But she’s far from undercover.

Antonia Garrn is a German actress and model, born in the city of Hamburg.

After obtaining an exclusive contract with Calvin Klein in 2008, she catapulted to prominence in the fashion business.

Her father is an oil industry executive, while her mother is a successful entrepreneur.

Garrn went to London with her family when she was two years old, and then to Athens when she was six, where she attended Campion School.

However, she and her family returned to Hamburg when she was 10 years old.

Garrn was discovered at the age of 13 at the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Hamburg and signed with Women Management in New York.

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California One Piece

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Joey King reveals her washboard abs on Costa Rica vacation

Joey King is living her best life in Costa Rica, and she’s got the pics to prove it.

The Act star dropped several photos on Instagram that show her rocking a gorgeous flower-print string bikini for all it’s worth. There’s the 22-year-old (and her ridiculous abs) posing in front of a waterfall, Joey and her sculpted arms raised to the sky, and Joey + abs cuddling with her boyfriend, Steven Piet.

“This is really great,” she wrote in the caption.

People completely lost it in the comments. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME JOEY LYNN KING?!!! Is this a joke? ???” said I Know What You Did Last Summer star Brianne Tju. “Boddddddddyyyyyyy,” wrote All the Bright Places star Elle Fanning.

I mean, seriously:

This is hardly the first time Joey low-key floored people with her jacked-ness. Back in November, she causally shared some photos of herself with her six-pack on full display while hiking.

Joey previously told The New Potato that she tries to exercise four to five times a week, and that she’s heavy into running and boxing. "I absolutely love exercise because I feel energetic and happy when I work out on a regular basis, but sometimes vegging out is so necessary," she said.

While training for her upcoming role in The Princess, Joey told Byrdie that she spent three to four hours a day learning hardcore stunts that included skateboarding.

"I wake up, I pack my Gatorade and many liters of water. I eat a big breakfast: a bowl of oats with lots of fruit and some toast. I head to training, where I fuckin' go for it for a few hours,” she says. “Then I have meetings to prepare for the rest of the film. Then I take a shower, shove myself in an ice bath, and then I am miserable while I'm doing that. But then I get out and sleep like a goddamn baby."

But, while she’s super active, Joey also said that she tries not to get hung up on the details. "Most importantly, above all else, I practice self-love," she told The New Potato. "Your inner beauty shines when you are emotionally and physically kind to yourself."

In terms of her eating plan, Joey said she tries “to eat as healthfully as possible, but I don’t make myself crazy.” She added, "If I’m craving a piece of bread or a bowl of pasta, sometimes I just need to listen to my body and indulge. You definitely have to find a balance, though, because eating the right things has incredible health and healing benefits. It’s not about how you look–it’s about taking care of your body so you can be the best you."


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Jess Wright flaunts her abs in a bikini

Jess Wright showcased her toned physique in an array of snaps from her getaway in Dubai with her husband William Lee-Kemp and son Presley, who is two this weekend.

The former TOWIE star, 38, jetted to the sun-kissed location as the trio enjoyed a swanky stay at the five-star hotel The Ritz-Carlton in Dubai Marina District.

The TV personality posed by the lavish pool in an electric blue bikini and a matching long-sleeve beach top for a series of stunning snaps.

The beauty displayed her flat abs as she posed with confidence, adding a pair of chic shades.

Jess also sported the same ensemble with a pair of white and blue print flared trousers, while carrying an embroidered beach bag.

The mum-of-one gave her followers further insights into the trip sharing a family snap as she cosied up to William as the doting dad cradled little Presley on his lap.

For the occasion, Jess looked ethereal in a white maxi dress with straps and lace design embellishments.

She slicked her chocolate tresses in a neat bun and accessorised with gold earrings.

Jess was also captured in a very sweet moment with her son as she held him on her lap while playing on a wooden swing.

The lavish location was located on the beach and decorated with lights, as the TOWIE alum appeared over the moon spending some quality time with Presley.

Hinting the luxurious hotel was a great location for families, she captioned: 'Highly recommend this very beautiful but also extremely child-friendly hotel in Dubai. So much to do for the little ones & mum & dad too.'

It comes after Jess has ruled out ever returning to The Only Way Is Essex, saying she 'doesn't even know who is on it anymore.'

Her words came after her brother Mark Wright's ex-fiancée Lauren Goodger made her big comeback on the long-running reality show that made them all household names.

Jess, who found fame on the ITVBe series in 2010, admitted she has no time to watch anymore because she has 'lots on'.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, mother-of-one Jess, who starred in 16 series of the show before leaving in 2016, said she is 'amazed it is still going'.

She said: 'I'm probably not going to return only because my life is different now and you know, I've got the baby and I've got loads going on.

'It's so amazing that it's still going. I can't believe it's like 30 seasons something like that. I mean that's beyond isn't it amazing.

'I mean I haven't even watched the last however many series, I don't even have the time.

'When you have a baby, there's so many TV programmes I want to catch up on and I never get to do it because the time that you get to like actually chilling in the evening with your husband and stuff you like catching up on the day and then to be honest with you we're in bed by like 9pm every night, so sad.

'But yeah, that's just mum and dad life. I don't even know who's exactly on it.'

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Jessica Alba shared her magical cenote explorations flaunting her beautiful figure

Jessica Alba shared her 'magical' cenote explorations on Tuesday.

The Into The Blue actress, 43, ventured into an underground cave during her travels in Mexico, posting the journey to her Instagram on Tuesday.

'The most magical afternoon visiting the cenotes,' Jessica, who was recently seen in Beverly Hills, captioned the post.

The carousel began with a snap of Jessica relaxing along the edge of the water in her floral print bikini with her hand joyfully thrown up into the air.

Further snaps showed Jessica and her travel companions inside the cenote as they explored the region wearing life vests and helmets.

'We're going into a cenote,' she explained in the clip. 'We're going into the water and we're going to see some really beautiful things.'

The video showed Jessica and her friends climbing down a ladder to enter the cave before they walked into the cool, crystal clear water before eventually making their way out.

Jessica also shared several snaps of her soaking up the sun as she laid out beside the cool water.

She even enjoyed a brief meditative session in the cenote, with one of the snaps capturing her in a peaceful pose.

The photo explained: 'The Mayan word for cenotes is "dzonot", meaning deep and abysmal. For the Mayans, cenotes are considered gateways to the underworld, sacred places connected to the gods and the afterlife.

'These natural wells, formed by the erosion of limestone revealing crystalline groundwater, were seen as spiritual portals that connected the earthly world with the spiritual world.'

Jessica recently traveled to Mexico to celebrate her 43rd birthday and has been sharing snaps from her adventures since last week.

The actress and her gal pals stayed at the Rosewood Mayakoba, a five-star resort in Mexico's Rivera Maya.

'The best birthday trip a girl could ask for,' Jessica gushed on Instagram last week in a post documenting her celebrations.

'To be on this journey of life with a circle of woman who can let go of the ideas of who we should be and be vulnerable and open to growth is beyond magical to witness and to be part of. One of the best gifts in life is a tribe of woman that elevate one another - so thank you to my #soulsisters, I love you!

'And thank you @rwmayakoba for making every single moment absolutely perfect - this trip was a dream and I can’t wait to come back and make more memories,' she added.

The actress - who shares three children with husband Cash Warren - also visited the Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá.

'I’ve wanted to visit Chichén Itza for years…! Bucket list experience,' she gushed.

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Ruffled Essence Bikini

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Sara Sampaio proudly flaunts her model figure

Sara Sampaio can routinely be seen in a bikini and her latest social media post was no exception.

The 32-year-old Portuguese model posted a photodump on Instagram on Wednesday including a sexy snap.

The stunner showcased her incredible model figure in a tiny red hot bikini selfie.

She teamed the two piece with a white baseball cap featuring a red brim.

Her dirty blonde locks were worn down under the fashionable headwear as she showcased her natural looks by going make-up free.

She also shared numerous selfies in sunglasses.

In one of the snaps, the stunner rocked a business chic look including grey blazer with shoulder pads over black top and blue jeans.

In March, Sara took her relationship with Ray Nicholson to a new level last month, when they made their red carpet debut at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party.

She has been dating Ray, 32, — who is the spitting image of his superstar father Jack Nicholson, 86 — since the summer of 2023, but they saved their major debut as a couple for Hollywood's biggest night.

The couple oozed affection as they embraced in front of the camera at the high-profile celebrity event.

Sara and Ray have kept their relationship relatively under the radar, and they were last pictured together on a shopping trip in Beverly Hills in December.

She was previously linked to the literary manager Zac Frognowski, but their last red carpet appearance was early in 2023.

While Ray had been previously seen on a date with Delilah Hamlin in 2022.

After first getting his start acting in the mid-2000s, he has gradually worked with more and more prestigious talents.

He was featured in a small part with Jared Leto in 2018's The Outsider, and he went on to play a modest role in 2020's Promising Young Woman opposite Carey Mulligan.

In 2021, he worked with acclaimed auteur Paul Thomas Anderson for a small part on his 2021 film Licorice Pizza, before graduating to lead roles with the Neil Labute thriller Out Of The Blue, which he costarred in with Diane Kruger.

More recently, Ray had a supporting role in the 2022 Zoey Deutch–starring rom-com Something From Tiffany's, and last year he worked with Camila Morrone, Willem Dafoe and actor and director Patricia Arquette on her drama Gonzo Girl.

Sara has also turned her hand to acting in recent years, after featuring in a number of music videos for Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, Kanye West, DNCE, David Guetta and Justin Bieber.

She then guest starred in an episode of Billions in 2017, and starred in films like The Clapper, and 2021's Crisis opposite Gary Oldman.

Sara will next be seen as Gia in Billy Knight alongside Al Pacino, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Charlie Heaton and Diana Silvers.

While her biggest role will be coming next year, as she has been cast in the newest Superman reboot, directed by James Gunn, and set to be released July 11, 2025.

Sara will be starring as Eve Teschmacher, the assistant and love interest of Lex Luthor, who is being played by Nicholas Hoult.

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Classic G String Bikini

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Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes poses in sexy bikini

Jasmine Tookes looks a natural beauty in a red animal-print bikini among the palm trees.

The 33-year-old American posed in the colourful two-piece in a shoot for Victoria’s Secret.

She is also the face of Bulgari’s latest perfume Chill & Sole.

That’s a match-up that makes scents.

The model married Spanchat director David Juan Borrero in September 2021.

Her hubby is the son of Ecuadorian vice president Alfredo Borrero.

The pair welcomed their first child last year - a daughter named Mia Victoria.

Jasmine credits Tyra Banks as her inspiration to pursue modelling.

She has walked the runway for elite fashion brands including Burberry, Ralph lauren, Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta and Prada amongst others.

In 2012 she became a Victoria's Secret Angel.

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Yazmin Oukhellou shows off her incredible bikini body

azmin Oukhellou looked sensational as she stripped to a patterned bikini on holiday in Ibiza.

The former ITVBe favourite, 30, showcased her tanned figure in the beige matching two-piece as she soaked up the sunshine with mates.

Yazmin, who accessorised with bangle bracelets and a gold hoop drop necklace, tied her brunette locks in a low ponytail and opted for minimal make-up.

She looked to be enjoying an animated discussion with her pals - including controversial TikTok star Harrison Sullivan - who looked relaxed on a sofa.

It came after the beauty - who relocated from the UK to Dubai - quit the latest series of MTV's Celeb Ex On The Beach.

At the time, we exclusively reported how she "found it really hard" coming face-to-face with her hunky ex James Lock, breaking down in tears when he stepped foot in the sun-soaked villa.

Yet now it appears her heartache has healed on the trip with the social media star.

Harrison, wearing a white T-Shirt with sunglasses clipped to the neckline, looked adoringly at Yaz as she approached the table.

She then glanced over to look at him as he enjoyed his time in the shade.

Coupled Up

Last year, we reported on Yaz's controversial partner - who has been attacked in the street in Miami.

The pair met in Dubai and enjoyed a holiday to Miami last year.

Talking about how they first met, Harrison said “I saw Yazmin earlier this year in Dubai and I did this secret filming and I was a bit of d***head.

"I didn’t make the best first impression."

She then replied in a video at the time: “Do you know what is really nice and refreshing?

"I had my first opinions of you, I thought you were a right a***hole and really didn’t like you.

“Now that I have got to spend a bit of time with you and got to know you, you are completely different to what I thought, you are actually quite a nice person and I think your online image is maybe a little bit distorted, maybe your alter ego comes out a little bit and you play this character.

“You are actually really nice and respectful, you have never degraded me once, you have never said anything sexual towards me, you have never made me feel uncomfortable.”

Harrison was reality star Yazmin’s first romance since the death of her boyfriend Jake McLean.

Jake was understood to have been driving in Bodrum, Turkey, when he lost control of the car in a crash which also left Yaz seriously injured.

Beach babe

Just last month, we reported how Yaz had cut her time on Celeb Ex On The Beach short - in a time when she presumably pressed pause on dating Harrison to film the show.

At the time, source told us: "Yaz walked out - she found it really hard being in there with James Lock and just decided to go in the end.

"The thing is, bosses had Lockie’s other exes lined up to go in - but didn’t even get a chance to send them into the villa."

MTV had no comment when contacted by The Sun.

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Calypso Classic Bikini

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Jessica Biel shares sizzling bikini snaps

Jessica Biel got the Mother's Day treat most women crave: relaxing time alone.

The 7th Heaven actress, 42, shared a sexy snap of herself laying by a pool in a bikini taken through a window.

'Alone. By a pool. Reflecting on a heavenly Mother’s Day,' the mom of sons Silas, 9, and Phineas, 4, with Justin Timberlake, 43, captioned the post.

Her husband of nearly 12 years made sure to get his wishes in, sharing a montage of their family. 'You do it ALL. We love you so much. Happy Mother's Day,' he wrote.

And her relaxing photo resonated with other mothers. One commented: 'This is how it should be for Mother's Day.'

Another fan added a description of own Mother's Day treat: 'In bed by myself watching shows. It may only be for two hours but it's glorious.'

Over the weekend, Jessica jetted to Las Vegas for her husband's Forget Tomorrow Tour.

She appeared to be having a good time with friends, even stopping to buy a t-shirt and converse with Timberlake's former N'SYNC band member Lance Bass.

And last week, the devoted mom shared a trip of adorable photos of her sons attending their dad's concert with her.

She shared three snaps of the night, captioning the post: 'It's a family affair, y'all.'

Jessica had the boys turn away from the camera, showing off Silas' tour jacket and Finn's tour hat, which he wore backwards on his head.

In the third snap, Jessica and Justin stand very close to each other just off stage.

Back in late April, Timberlake kicked off his seventh headlining concert tour – The Forget Tomorrow World Tour.

He will be performing a total of 77 shows in cities across North America and Europe before wrapping up in December.

The tour, which is his first in five years, is in support of his sixth studio album, Everything I Thought It Was – which he released on March 15.

Jessica and Justin will be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in October, having gone public with their relationship in 2007 and marrying in 2012.

The A-listers started dating after Jessica ended things for the last time with Chris Evans and Justin's relationship with Cameron Diaz came to an end.

They became engaged in 2011 and married in Italy the following year.

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