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Belinda surprises with a bikini from the paradise of Playa del Carmen

belinda, one of pop’s greatest exponents, is on vacation in one of the most paradisiacal locations in Mexico: Playa del Carmen in Quintana Roo. Not to lose the habit, the singer documented part of her stay from the iconic hotel where she is staying with her close friends.

Through her Instagram account, the actress also did not hesitate to publish some videos where her appearance in a bikini attracted attention, a design that looked flirtatious. pink with white, oriental Christian nodal He flaunted his chiseled figure, which he takes care of with a healthy diet and exercise. He did not dare to write anything so that his followers would enjoy the panorama and envy him a little.

In the first recording (everyone posted them on their Instagram stories) he goes to an area where there are lounge chairs to lay his back on, look at the camera and turn around to relax and enjoy the warm atmosphere that Provides natural area. its visitors. Those who are observant and move their sights slightly away from the famous will notice that the sky shows brilliant tones.

in another video belinda She takes a dip in the huge pool overlooking the ocean and then emerges like the mermaid that she is. Climbing to the edge and supporting himself with his arms, he exposed his body a little below the waist so that all his followers were breathless. After settling down, the lucky cameraman rotated the shot so that the sunset could be appreciated, a common natural spectacle, but one that no one misses.

Belinda, artist of the moment

Although there are a large number of women in the music industry, belinda It is one of the most complete and is preferred by many people in Mexico and other parts of the world. Suffice it to mention that after the breakup of his last love he went to Spain to reactivate his musical career, something for which his fans thanked him, as well as joining the cast of “” apart fromwelcome to eden“, the Netflix production which was a resounding success.

Now, the Spanish woman has joined a group of artists who appear in 2000 pop tour, who initially declined the offer and is now the special guest of the event. Undoubtedly, her public backlash is imminent, because now many of the tattoos themselves are talking about her, as did her former colleagues and caused so much controversy. As of now, things seem to be running smoothly for him after 2022 was full of ups and downs.

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