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Ukrainian model Leanna Bartlett is no stranger being named as baby of the day for Sports Illustrated

Leanna Bartlett is model, influencer, brand ambassador and entrepreneur. she started her career as a model, and have it since discovered her passion for photography, art, entrepreneurship, and storytelling.

When she is not modeling, she spend her time working on her Instagram channel, website and coffee table book, traveling the world.

She has a lot o followers in social media but, apart from her regular fans and followers, the snap was also liked by some of her fellow models, including Nina Serebrova, Luz Elena Echeverria and Nadine Mirada, among others.

According to an article by Famous Birthdays, the model grew up in Kherson, Ukraine. Per the piece, Leanna has worked for many car shows, particularly as a Toyo Tires girl. In 2013, she worked as a Rock Star Energy Girl before shooting with Guess in 2017. The model also appeared in a movie called The Other Woman.

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