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'It’s all about balance' the secret of Victoria’s Secret model Josie Canseco 

Victoria’s Secret and swimsuit model Josie Canseco has shared the diet and workout routine she uses to keep her enviable figure – though be warned, she makes sure it’s not “easy.”

Canseco, daughter of former MLB star Jose Canseco and Brody Jenner’s current girlfriend, revealed that fitness for her is all about “balance” and music.

“I love cycling, I do it all the time,” the 22-year-old told Us Weekly, adding that she also runs and takes boxing classes.

“I’m all about cardio and high-intensity music ... Anything with music, really,” she added, crediting rap and “hardcore” music that pumps her up. “Music is really, like, my therapy. So anything that’s pretty much music-involved gets your head in the game.”

But more than just chasing a cardio-high, the Playboy model says fitness is about finding a routine to stick to.

“I grew up playing sports and being very active,” she told Us. “So for me, it’s kind of a routine thing that just helps me feel better about myself, about my life and my confidence. And I feel like that shines through when you feel good about what you’ve done.”

Another thing that Canseco says helps with her confidence is “eating right and eating a lot of vegetables and good proteins.”

Though, the model, who has slowly transitioned into being a pescatarian, does caution not to overdo it – “and it’s not all about going full-in and being, like, cold-turkey, cutting things out and being like a health freak. It’s all about balance for me.”

“It’s just balance,” she added. “It’s OK to have pizza and stuff like that, but weight loss should be hard work, it shouldn’t be easy.”

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