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Alejandra Maglietti shared pictures of herself posing with a beautiful pool in the background

Alejandra Maglietti is showing off some new swimwear, much to the appreciation of her fans. Maglietti shared pictures of herself posing in a dark green bathing suit and cowboy hat, with a beautiful pool in the background. "So much beauty," one fan commented.

Maglietti uses exercise balls at the gym. "The gym ball is so versatile it can be used to help someone who is just starting out in the gym as well as experienced exercisers," says Stephen MacConville, Nuffield Health's fitness lead. "A gym ball can be used by beginners to work on their squat technique. If they place the gym ball between the wall and their lower back, it can be used to support their back and help increase the range of movement in the squat."

Maglietti takes creatine supplements to support her workouts and recovery. "Creatine is a quick way to add muscle, but not without some water weight, too," says Carolyn Brown, RD. "Most people gain between two and four pounds of water retention in the first week. If you're going to add a supplement in, make sure it's creatine monohydrate. A lot of other supplements out there will have a lot of junk that you don't need, and they'll be much more expensive."

Yogurt is Maglietti's go-to healthy snack. "Plain, nonfat yogurt is best," says Julia Zumpano, RD. "Both original and Greek-style are excellent sources of protein, calcium and probiotics. For managing your weight, try Greek yogurt. It has more protein, which can help you feel fuller longer."

Maglietti enjoys yerba mate drinks. "Yerba mate, also known as mate, is an herbal tea. It's a traditional drink in Latin and South America," says Katherine Zeratsky, RD, LD. "It's made by steeping dried leaves from the yerba mate plant in hot water. Yerba mate can be served cold or hot. Like black or green tea, it has caffeine, which can make you feel more alert and focused."

Maglietti likes to use weights to amp up her lunges. "Lunges work multiple larger muscle groups at the same time," says celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels. "They build lower body strength and help to maintain muscle mass and bone density in the lower body."

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