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Alexa Collins showed off her stunning body 

The photo showed Alexa standing on a white patio filled with light blue and white chairs. In the background, a glass door leading to the inside of her home could be seen. According to the post’s geotag, the photo was taken in Miami, Florida. It appeared to be a beautifully sunny day as the rays shined down on Alexa and caused her tan skin to glow. She looked positively radiant.

Alexa’s look included a tie-front top with cap sleeves. The neckline dipped low into her busty chest, so her ample cleavage spilled out. In addition, the tie at the center caused the fabric to gather a bit, so Alexa looked close to revealing underboob with one move.

The tails came down to Alexa’s waist, perfectly framing her flat tummy. She paired the top with a matching, U-shaped bottom. The front of the bikini remained low on Alexa’s waist to further showcase her abs, while the sides came up just above her hips and drew attention to her curvy figure. Her shapely thighs were also exposed in the photo.

Alexa finished off the outfit with a white towel wrapped around her blond locks. She also appeared to be sporting a full glam look, including brown eyeshadow, thick lashes, pink blush, bright highlighter, and a light pink gloss on her full lips. Alexa held a glass filled with an orange-brown beverage in one hand.

Alexa posed with her legs together and one hip cocked to the side in a way that showed off her figure. She rested one arm at her side and looked down at an angle.

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