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Beauty guru Amanda Steele rocked a red bikini 

The 20-year-old star was pictured rocking a bathing suit top in a bright shade of candy apple red. The garment had thin spaghetti straps and a scoop neck. The rectangular front provided more coverage than a bikini with classic triangle cups, but the neckline still plunged down low enough to expose a hint of cleavage.

Amanda’s bottoms were a slightly darker shade of scarlet. They featured multiple stretchy straps on the sides. The top bands were pulled up high on Amanda’s narrow hips so that they were almost even with her bellybutton. The straps were attached to the front of the bottoms, which consisted of a piece of thick fabric that was positioned much lower on Amanda’s midsection. The plunging waistline elongated her torso, while the straps made her hips look curvier by adding some visual interest in that area.

Amanda is known for changing up her look using cosmetics, but the popular beauty was wearing little or no makeup in her photos. Her cheeks looked rosy, but it was impossible to tell whether they were flushed, sunburned, or if she was wearing blush. No eye shadow or mascara was visible on her eyelids, and her lips were a natural shade of pink. Amanda was wearing her brunette hair pulled up so that its damp ends were splayed out over her head.

Instead of making her post about makeup, Amanda directed the attention to the fake tattoos on her left arm. They were located on her inner arm right beneath the crease of her elbow. Her temporary body art consisted of the words “just breathe” in cursive and a small likeness of an open safety pin.

Amanda’s photos were taken beside a pool surrounded by lush greenery. Droplets of water could be seen glistening on her stomach, indicating that she’d recently taken a dip.

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