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Australian fashion model Natalie Roser out for a bike ride on Sunday

She's taken the modelling world by storm with her  sensational figure. And on Sunday, Natalie Roser, 28, proved she's not afraid of showing it off when she stripped down to a bikini for a bike ride. 

Natalie flaunted her perfect skin and a hint of bust in the photograph, which shows her sitting on a bicycle. 

In the snap she shoots the camera a sultry look, while allowing her luscious locks to cascade down her slender back. 'Sundays in Australia,' she captioned the eye-catching photograph. 

It comes after the beauty shared a number of diet secrets, telling Daily Mail Australia she doesn't stick to the popular 'no sugar, no carbs' diet fads after having a negative experience with them. 

"I went off sugar and got really confused and felt sick and depressed," the beauty confessed.  

"I cut out all fruits, all carbs, I don't know what I was doing - it was nuts' she added candidly. The blonde concluded: 'I actually don't remember what I actually ate, I kind of blocked it all out."

The Maxim cover model went on to say that she was reintroducing fitness into her regime, while also praising spa treatments to detoxify her body.   

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