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Elizabeth Hurley says I am not hiding just because I am over 50

The British actress shared a sultry video of herself luxuriating by an infinity pool with the stunning landscape of the ocean and mountains behind her.

Sporting a pair of sunglasses and a black chain bikini, Elizabeth Hurley smiled as she reclined in the sunshine.

"When filming wraps for the day," Hurley captioned the post.

"I've always had more female followers than male; I've always really loved that," Hurley says. "And I think women definitely like that I'm not hiding just because I'm over 50. Everybody still goes on holiday or goes to the beach or needs to swim. And I just think it's pretty tough if women think they have to cover up because we're not in our 20s anymore and perfect.

Of course, once you're older, you think everybody's perfect who's younger than you. I think people respond well to that."

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