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Fit grandma shows why you’re never too old to wear a bikini

A super-fit grandmother who regularly gets mistaken for her 20-year-old granddaughter has left fans gushing with her latest Instagram post.

Lesley Maxwell, 64, from Melbourne, Australia, is well-known for her incredible ripped physique.

Gym-obsessed Lesley works out five times a week to maintain her rock-hard abs.

The Australian often uses her social media platform to share her exercises, as well as flaunt her jaw-dropping body.

But now, in one of her latest Instagram posts, Lesley told followers that she’ll “never be too old to wear a bikini”.

Lesley, from Melbourne, can be seen flaunting the purple two piece, while flexed for the camera.

Lesley credited her granddaughter Tia Christofi for taking the video, who later praised her as a “hot grandma”.

Her reel racked up over 4,553 likes and hundreds of comments.

One person said: “You are an Amazingly Gorgeous Ageless Beauty!!! Perfection in Every Way!!! Wow!!!”

Another added: “You are healthy, sexy, looking incredible so sure you can wear bikini… you are huge inspiration.”

A third commented: “You got that right!!!”

Previously, the size 8 gran revealed her fitness regime and told fans can message her if they need tips.

Lesley said: “Health and fitness isn’t just a look.

“It’s a feeling… and there’s no better feeling than having a healthy strong body.

“The thing is, no one else can actually do the work for you. Even if you paid them to work out for you.”

On another occasion, the grandmother shared a simple routine that involves six easy steps – and says anyone can “reverse the ageing process”.

Lesley explained: “I definitely think women come into their own as we become older – more confident and sexy, especially if we are fit and healthy.

“We can actually reverse the ageing process through clean eating plus effective exercise.

“Build the muscle and burn the fat and having a healthy lean body is up to us.

“There are two ways of ageing – one is chronological age which is from your birth date until now.

“And the other is biological age, which is more exciting! We can create a younger body – become leaner, stronger, healthier.

“This makes us more confident and sexy.”

Her trim physique also helps her stay confident in her love life, with the cougar revealing she is currently dating a younger man.

She said: “The man I’m seeing is younger than me but I never think about that.

“Confidence is a win for me.

“If a man is brave enough to walk straight up to me and stare me in the eyes and ask me out, he’s a pretty brave man.

“These days men are quite shy about approaching women as everything seems to be done online.

“Anyone can be romantic online but there’s nothing like the real thing.”

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