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Heather Graham credited her diet for keeping her healthy

Heather Graham shared a sultry photo of herself in an animal print bathing suit she paired with black sunglasses.

Graham previously credited her diet for keeping her healthy. The star wasn't eating flour or sugar back in 2013.

"I’ve become one of those annoying people who’s like, 'I’m not gonna eat white flour and I’m not gonna eat sugar.' I do eat sugar sometimes, but as a broad rule, I try to just eat no sugar basically, and I have to say I feel a lot better," Graham told at the time. "And I will sometimes eat things with white flour, but I try to avoid white flour."

“The Hangover" star also kept up a fitness routine. "I’m obsessed with yoga," she previously told “For fun, I would go on a yoga retreat and do four hours of yoga a day. And then I do pilates. I also like going out dancing."

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