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Here are the latest updates and trends you need to consider before hitting the beach.

When on the beach you have to make sure that you are wearing something that gives you confidence.

All women want to feel sexy on the beach, so they will go further than only buying a swimsuit, they will accessorise it with a pair of glasses, a hat, and a pair of flip-flops. The following trends will inspire you to book all your vacations to exotic places you have always been dreaming to see.

Beach-to-city outfits - Some women want to avoid the hassle of changing their outfit when they leave the beach to run some errands around the town. Therefore, they are looking for some multi-functional pieces. And because the designers are always a step ahead of their customers, they have somehow guessed their needs and they have launched a line of swimsuits that can be easily worn as city clothes.

The majority of bikini tops look so exquisite they can be paired with pants or with a skirt. When on vacation all women want to get rid of the stress of not knowing what clothes to wear when they have a cocktail date. With the right accessories, the majority of bikini tops are perfect for a city date.

Action-oriented swimsuits for active women - When on the beach, some women like to spend their time lying under the sun, trying to get a perfect tan. But there are also women who want to be active while at the beachside, because there are so many water sports to try.

For the active women the regular swimsuit is not enough, they need something that guarantees them to keep their private parts private. Also, they need to feel comfortable when wearing it, so they are looking for something that both looks great and it is made from quality material.

The women who love to swim and surf need pieces that allow them to move easily. The majority of swimwear items designed for active women will offer more support than regular bikinis.

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Outline Winged Sport Bikini

The Outline Winged Sport Bikini in black Matte and outlined in white is cutting edge fashion,  fits most body types, and functions in any action. An exclusive design by UjENA with a modern style winged back support under the bust at the rib cage. The outlined openings on the side of the high waisted and low leg bottoms add a peek...

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