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Jennie Garth shares bikini photos flaunting her figure

Jennie Garth is an extremely successful actress. She's best known for her role as Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills, 90210. She's also known for her role as Val on What I Like About You. Garth shared a stunning new photo on Instagram this week. In it, she posed on a balcony overlooking the ocean. Garth captioned the post, "These three things are everything. Everywhere. All at once‚ú®1. This ocean air. 2. My family. 3. My dog Pearl. Tell me your top 3 things that you are grateful for today!"

Garth shared some of her favorite exercises in this video she posted on Instagram. In it, she is seen doing plank exercises. Garth captioned the post, "It's time! Let's do this… let's choose to take care of ourselves, together?I love sharing my private workouts with you all and hearing how it's motivating you! So keep messaging me…. and I'll keep motivating you, deal?"

Garth makes sure to do ab exercises. In her Instagram video, she is seen doing mountain climbers. The Mayo Clinic states that building core muscles is very beneficial. "Your core is the central part of your body. It includes your pelvis, lower back, hips and stomach. The stomach muscles sometimes are called abs. Core exercises train the muscles in your core to work in harmony. This leads to better balance and steadiness, also called stability. Stability is important whether you're on the playing field or doing regular activities. In fact, most sports and other physical activities depend on stable core muscles."

In her Instagram video, Garth is seen doing some strength training exercises. She is seen holding a kettlebell and doing bicep presses with dumbbells. The Mayo Clinic states that strength training has a lot of benefits. "By stressing your bones, strength training can increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Strength training can help you manage or lose weight, and it can increase your metabolism to help you burn more calories."

In her Instagram video, Garth is seen balancing on a ball while doing squats. Allina Health states that squats have a lot of health benefits. "The squat is one of the all-around best exercises to do for your lower body. It strengthens and tones muscles in your thighs, butt and calves and improves posture, balance, flexibility and inner core strength. Squatting also improves bone mineral density to keep your bones strong."

Garth makes sure to eat a healthy diet. She talked about her favorite options in an interview with Us Weekly. "I'm just taking care of myself," she says. "I eat a lot of Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt in the morning, salads and proteins the rest of the day and maybe a cupcake if I've been a good girl."

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