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Kris Jenner is helping her "ride or die" Faye Resnick celebrate her 65th birthday

As Resnick turned 65 on Sunday, the Kardashians star posted a sweet tribute for her. The post was filled with several photos of the twosome from over the years, including a shot of Jenner posing beside Resnick in a zebra print bikini from years ago.

"Happy Birthday gorgeous Faye Resnick!!!! My OG ride or die!! What an amazing few decades we have had together," Jenner, 66, began. "You are the most fabulous BFF, friend, mother, sister, auntie, traveling partner, therapist, and you know how to make the best margarita on the planet."

"You are so loyal, kind, smart, funny, supportive, generous, beautiful inside and out, and have such great business sense,"

Kris Jenner continued. "I am beyond blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for your beautiful friendship. I love you so so much."

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