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Model Alexis Ren flaunts her impressive figure

Alexis Ren is a very successful model and influencer. She competed on the 27th season of Dancing With The Stars, and finished in fourth place. Ren shares a lot of gorgeous photos on social media. She recently shared a set of selfies on her Instagram story. In them, Ren wore a colorful swimsuit top and a bandana. Ren's impressive figure was on display.

Ren has amazing skin, and she makes sure to take care of it. She shared her secrets in an interview with Glamour. Ren makes sure to use serums on her face. "I just started implementing the Sonya Dakar Super Clear as a base. It's a preventative thing for breakouts, and I use it every day. Then I use the vitamin C serum with hyaluronic and vitamin C, which I've learned is important. I kind of pat it on as opposed to rub it in, because it peels away, which is kind of weird."

Ren helped come up with her skincare routine with the help of facialist, Sonya Dakar. "She's helped me understand the types of substances that work on my skin," Ren says to Glamour. "She came on and taught a skin course to my community, and she broke down why we need vitamins, why we need hyaluronic acid. Then you don't have to rely on one brand. You can be like, 'I'm just looking for these exact ingredients.' It puts the power back in your hands."

Ren tells Glamour that she makes sure to cleanse her face. "I use two facial cleansers: One of them is the Sensi Wash by Sonya Dakar, and the other one is the Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5 Cleanser from Innisfree. The Sensi wash is made with oat milk, so it has this milky feel. That doesn't actually get the makeup off; it just cleanses my face. If have makeup on, I use something soapy that's going to get rid of everything and that's the Innisfree."

Ren shared her favorite moisturizers with Glamour. "After serums, I use the Stem Cell Transformer, which is an antiaging cream. I just got on it. It's also by Sonya Dakar, and I think she said I can start it around 24, which is how old I am. For my neck, I started using the SBLA Wand—I don't really know if it works, but I like to try things. It's this sculpting thing; you put it on your neck and under your chin and stuff, and it uses collagen tightening and metabolic melting, because our necks are the first parts of our body that you can really start to see aging. I wanted to start a treatment early, and I'm just trying this now. I use it every night just before bed time. I feel like we neglect our chest and our necks, but our chest is more sensitive than our face."

Ren shared her daily routine in an interview with Grazia. She says that she works out in the mornings, and shared her favorite ones. "Starting my day off with a workout helps me to be my most productive self. I have been a ballerina for 20 years, so ballet is my first love when it comes to movement. I also love long walks and hikes, yoga, and surfing. For me, when I can move through an activity that I love, I enjoy the time spent doing it rather than it feeling like something I need to check off of my to-do list."

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