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Olivia Ponton shares some photos

Olivia Ponton is working on herself in her swimsuit. In a new social media post the influencer shows off her amazing body in a bathing suit while giving followers a glimpse into her life. "been working on me 4 me," she captioned the Instagram photos, modeling bathing suits and some skimpy workout attire from Alo Yoga.

Olivia's fitness routine is "bomb by all means," she says. "For me, working out is not only good for my body, but also good for my brain," she told Sports Illustrated. "For me, working out is an hour of time for myself and an opportunity to step away from my phone. On a typical day, I probably spend around 6-8 hours staring at a screen, which I know is horrible for me. A hard workout provides me an escape for one hour during my day, where I can let my mind be free of social media."

Olivia is one of the many celebrities who trains at the Dogpound gym. "Dogpound is a very safe space where I always feel at home. I absolutely love it there; the team of trainers are so nice, but when training they definitely kick my bum!" she added. "When I work out in the gym, I like to focus mainly on abs, arms and back. I have been training those muscles the most because I personally love seeing women that have good upper body strength. Kirk, my trainer, has me do variations of curl-ups and sit-ups for around 30 minutes. Then the other 30 we have a mixture of weights and machines for the arms, back and legs."

Olivia replenishes after exercise with protein. "I drink protein drinks 2-3 times a week after my workouts. I personally believe they help a lot with getting my muscles toned," she told Sports Illustrated.

"Speaking of a healthy diet, I also make sure to eat a lot of fruit throughout the week. Fruit has so many good sugars and hydration components in them. Acai bowls are a super smart way to get in tons of fruit at once. In Açaí bowls you can add peanut butter and all types of nuts/seeds to make it even more beneficial," Olivia added about her diet.

"Another super important tip that I could give would be eating a good breakfast every day," Olivia told the publication. "What you feed your body is SUPER IMPORTANT, and that starts in the morning. I like to pack my breakfast with healthy protein and greens. Sneaking spinach into a smoothie or into eggs is an insanely easy way to add in greens. I also love making an egg bagel with cream cheese in the morning. In the eggs you can add any veggies you like — spinach, onions, mushrooms, peppers, whatever you desire."

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