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Sailor Brinkley Cook works on her tan in the backyard

She is just like her mother, the effervescent 1980s supermodel Christie Brinkley who starred in the film Vacation and posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition several times.

Now Sailor Brinkley Cook looked radiant as she showed off her toned, tanned figure in a bright yellow bikini while enjoying some fresh air in the backyard of a home.

The model has recently returned from the island of Ischia in Italy where she celebrated her 24th birthday.

The 24-year-old Sports Illustrated model appeared to be in a good mood as she sunbathed, dined on lobster and pasta, and went swimming with her female pals in Italy.

Sailor wrote revealing how she used to worry that her 'muscular and shapely' legs looked manly.

The star is known for expressing her doubts on social media.

'Idk what happened but I popped out the womb with a lot of leg muscle. My calves at 7 years old looked like I was a marathon bike racer,' she quipped.

'Since I was little it's been an insecurity of mine that they make my body look "masculine",' Sailor candidly revealed, sharing: 'It's always been hard not to compare myself to women with thin dainty legs.'

Even now when her mother showed her recent photographs, Sailor was repulsed by the look of her legs and of her figure in general.

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