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Sara Sampaio soaked up some sun on her first beach trip of the New Year

The Victoria's Secret Angel, 30, shared some photos of her recent trip that found her in a blue bikini and left little to the imagination.

The star waded into the clear blue water where she smiled large as her friend on land snapped a photo.

A small island populated with many different kinds of flora could be seen far in the background.

She captioned the post, 'Besides everything I still believe in it'.

Sampaio also posted another photo of herself standing in the clear ocean water.

The photo showed a close-up shot of the star's face. She could clearly be seen with her hands on her knees, bent slightly with her lips turned up in a coy smile.

The Beauty could not have picked a better few days to go out as the sun shined brightly where she and her compatriots decided to spend their day.

The few clouds that were visible in the sky were little wisps of white and gray and didn't seem to present any real danger of rain.

Sara Sampaio kept the location of this beautiful water and weather to herself however as she did not tag her location in her post.

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