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The youngest self-made Billionaire Kylie Jenner share a cute picture and it is criticized by some who say they are fans

Makeup mogul and social media superstar Kylie Jenner recently treated her 129 million followers to a new eye-popping yet loving picture with her daugther which became an instant hit.

In the pic, the 21-year-old stunner could be seen lying on a kids’ inflatable, bouncy castle while wearing a revealing black one-piece swimsuit while her daughter, Stormi, could be seen clinging on to her beautiful mom’s chest and innocently staring at the camera.

“You need to start working out,” one follower wrote. “Your thighs are so fat. It looks like you are pregnant,” another follower chimed in. And while many others left critical comments, Kylie’s admirers immediately rushed for her support and lambasted her haters and critics for their vile comments.

Earlier on Sunday, Kylie wowed her fans with a chic snap and although the picture, per usual, gained significant traction, people focused more on the apparently “dirty” walls of Kylie’s room instead of focusing on her.

According to an article by Toofab, Kylie’s fans have been asking about the black splotches on her walls which can be seen in many of her pictures. Bothered and curious, many of her fans thought that the Billionaire star’s walls were dirty.

Fed up by the comments, Kylie finally decided to kill everyone’s curiosity and posted a video on her Instagram Stories to reveal that the blotches were not dirt or mud. She took the camera very close to the blotches and shared the big reveal.

“It’s a wallpaper, and it’s like rose gold splatters all over my walls. So, I don’t ever want to see this question again.”

Kylie Jenner is the youngest self-made billionaire ever — and over-the-top photos show what $1 billion buys, from her luxurious baby accessories to a million-dollar car collection.

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