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A Guide on Finding the Perfect Bandeau Bikinis for You

Summer is just around the corner which means that this is the perfect time to consider your summer wardrobe. But what is the ultimate summer staple? A bikini of course!

Whether you are going abroad for a vacation or staying at home this year a bikini is the perfect summer piece. It is perfect for those hot summer days where you can just chill and sunbathe, but what about tan lines? That is why bandeau bikinis are perfect. No more obvious tan lines.


The number one thing to consider when choosing a bandeau bikini is the material. Not only should it be soft on your skin but if it has any embellishments then they should not be itchy or irritate your skin.

Opt for a slightly thicker material as this will give you more support and better coverage. A thicker material is much more likely to stay in place – an important element of a strapless bikini. There is nothing worse than having to constantly adjust, pull up and sort out your bikini top. A thicker material will keep you in place all day long.


Since there are no supporting straps to hold your bikini top up it is very important that you choose the right size. You should always check the sizing charts or choose your bikini size according to the size of your bust, rather than just blinding choosing your normal dress size.

That is because if your bikini top is too big (or even too small) it will simply not stay where it should. This can leave you prone to accidents.

You can always opt for different styles (such as those with a ring in the middle) if you prefer a thinner bandeau. You should still always choose the perfect size.


Now that you have the functionality boxes checked it is time to have some fun with the design of your strapless bikini. There are so many incredible designs, color and patterns to choose from. In fact, this can make it a little difficult to choose!

Opt for a fun color that will make you smile every time you put it on. There is really no wrong option – everything looks better with a tan! You can opt for a classic black bandeau or something a bit more lively with multicolored stripes or embellishments. The choice is yours! Have fun with it.

Summing up

As long as you ensure that you buy the correct size then you will have no problems with your bandeau or strapless bikinis. They will not move, look great and also have the added bonus of no visible tan lines from supporting straps!

The only hard part about finding the perfect bandeau bikini for you is choosing the color you want!

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Flutter Bikini

The Flutter Bikini is a strapless top paired with our full scoop bottom in black matte with fluttery layers of Festival lace! The festival lace fabric drapes and overlays adding a unique and feminine touch to this otherwise basic Bandeau style bikini top.  Great for all bust sizes with stays at the sides. The bottoms are full coverage and super comfortable, while so flattering. Add the Flutter Flip skirt #V706 as...


Bikini Body Fitness - 10-Step program to Drops 2-5 pounds in a Week

Many of us would like to loose a few pounds so we will look our best when we slip on a bikini.  I’ve put together a simple check list of things to do every day for seven days, and I guarantee you’ll drop a few pounds your first week.   None of steps are that radical, it’s just putting them together. 

But first of all how many calories a day do we need to eat to lose weight?

This is the most frequently asked question by individuals wanting to lose weight. If the answer was simple, it wouldn’t be asked so often!

Many factors affect what happens to the calories we consume. One huge meal is more likely to be stored as fat than more frequent small meals. Meals should contain low fat protein, complex carbohydrates, unsaturated fat and fiber. Meals that are full of fat, sugar and no fresh fruits and vegetables are more likely to be stored as fat.

Try to keep the calories in your main meals around 500-800 to lose weight. Eat three main meals, and snacks, and don’t forget to count the calories you drink.

If you exercise, you will be able to eat slightly more calories. The best way to determine calories is to keep food journals and be aware of what you eat.  There are several apps that offer this function that are excellent and will take out the guess work.  

Here is my list of 10 things you should do daily:

1. Eat breakfast.

2. Eat three healthy meals that include low fat protein, fresh vegetables and whole grains.

3. Keep these meals between 350-750 calories; at least 2 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein, less than 25 grams of sugar and 5 percent fat.

4. Keep total sodium at less than 2500 mg. per day.

5. Purchase healthy 100 calorie snacks and keep them handy.

6. Eat two servings of fresh fruit

7. Eat two servings of fresh vegetable.

8. Consume drinks with not more than 25 grams of sugar per serving. Cutting out all sodas is recommended. 

9. If you blow it one day, get back on track the next.

10. Exercise in some way each day.

Many professional bikini models run and do Yoga regularly.  Ujena cover models Crystal Milano (photos) and Martha Lynn do both. 

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by Laura Dayton

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Royalty Velvet Bikini

Be in the wild and feel the tropics where high fashion hits the fungle in our Fantasy Jungle Olive bikini. Royalty Bikini will turn heads all day long in this designers favorite bikini. Comfort fashion lounging at the pool or strolling along palm trees at the beach.  Classy and sexy feel all in a full coverage bikini!  The neck-tie halter top is adjustable at...

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