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Chanel West Coast Celebrates Miami Sun

Chanel West Coast might have ditched L.A., but the rapper and MTV star hasn't lost the Southern California wardrobe. The "No Plans" hit-maker made very clear plans earlier this year as she moved across the country for a new life in Miami.

Back when it was still a Hot Girl Summer, Chanel updated her account in a sizzling and tiny bikini look, throwing in pool action and her fierce swimsuit body.

The Ridiculousness star lounging around her pool for a cheeky display. Chanel posted in her favorite girly pink, sharing multiple shots and flaunting her rock-hard body and curves while in a '60s-style and bandeau bikini.

The former Fantasy Factory face opened angling her booty at the camera while poolside, showing off a thong finish and rocking a bucket hat, plus statement metallic shades - she looked up towards the sun for a full "I'm enjoying" this finish.

Chanel, who returned plonked in waters and at the pool's steps, with the final photo bringing her kicking back at the corner of the pool and bronzing her famous body as she floated her legs around the pool.

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Chanel West Coast does like to party

The 32-year-old rapper and MTV face has been busy soaking up the sun on her “Catalina chronicles,” showing her partying and flaunting her sensational body.

The “No Plans” hit-maker made it a very designer affair as she bopped around all tight muscles and curves in a bikini.

Chanel West Coast, also wearing shades as she smiled and ran her hands through her hair told: “Sunburnt chest in Catalina chronicles PT 1.”

West Coast, a known party lover, has also seen her partying make headlines as it involves the cops. Last year, the “Alcoholic” rapper had the L.A.P.D. shut down her 32nd birthday party, and she was recorded yelling at law enforcement as she told them to go hunt down bigger parties if they wanted to fight COVID.

Making the cops aware of nearby gatherings she claimed had far more attendees, the rapper was hear saying: “There’s another party up Laurel Canyon off of Mulholland and it has 300 people.”

“So if you guys really want to break up some chaos that’s gonna cause corona, you should go to the parties that are actually with like extensive amounts of people,” she continued, stating she was “helping” the police by offering “tips.” Chanel has since made headlines for quitting L.A. and moving to Miami, where she’s jokingly referred to herself as Chanel East Coast.

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Chanel West Coast is taking a luxurious vacation

Chanel West Coast is impressing her fanbase with a new series of photos showing her lounging in a fun bikini. The 32-year-old TV personality is coming up on the one-year anniversary of her debut album America’s Sweetheart, and she seems to be enjoying life.

West Coast told she had “tropical vibes” as she posed in a colorful swimsuit and straw hat. Asking for opinions on which picture was better, the TV host couldn’t choose and decided to post two back-to-back shots.

The second sees her posing to show off her cheeky bikini bottoms.

Not only does West Coast look gorgeous, but so does the scenery. She chose the perfect time of day to take these waterside shots, as the sun seems to be just setting and the colors look fabulous.

As evidenced in the post, the Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory alum is vacationing in Tulum, Mexico.

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Chanel West Coast is big-time celebrating that it's summer year-round in Miami

The 32-year-old now calls home, repping the pool life, sunshine, and summer style. Earlier this year, Chanel announced she was moving to Miami, and it looks like the "No Plans" rapper has gotten herself some sweet digs.

Chanel, who made early 2021 headlines for suffering lobster-level sunburn as she hit up Miami Beach, seemed to have evened out her tan, one that came golden and with the Ridiculousness star splashing about her pool as she showed off a cute bandeau bikini in pink.

Channeling her love of bucket hats, West Coast posed poolside, with a swipe right showing her floating around the pool's steps.

The much-loved music face, definitely showing off her figure and the pandemic weight loss she's made headlines for, oozed pool glam in her shades, with the snap seeing her photographed from above, all sprawled out in the pool for a little tanning top-up.

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Rapper Chanel West Coast is rocking a bikini

The 32-year-old rapper and Ridiculousness star has been making headlines for ditching her L.A. base for Miami Beach vacations this year.

A white bikini top, and the rapper looking gorgeous as she posed by ocean sunsets. Chanel, who has made 2021 headlines for suffering lobster-level sunburn during her Miami Beach travels, is seemingly undeterred.

Sharing outdoor shots as she flaunted her pandemic weight loss in a one-shouldered and tight bikini top paired with a slinky white-and-yellow pattern skirt, Chanel posed with white shades, buckets of attitude, and an actual bucket hat.

All chunky high heels and on oceanfront decking, Chanel threw out her designer vibes complete with a pink-and-white bag, also wearing a flashy gold watch.

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Rapper Chanel West Coast has taken to the platform for a goddess-like swimsuit snap

A sun-drenched photo is showing the 30-year-old sizzling on a white ledge above a pool framed by natural rocks and plants. Taking up the foreground is this curvy sensation, her peach-colored swimsuit, and the oiled-up body beneath it.

Chanel has maxed out on the crown and necklace accessories, but she appears to have gone minimal with her swimsuit. The one-piece is sufficiently cut-out to be flashing some major side boob, and it's just as revealing lower down. Super high-cut at the waist, the swimsuit also appears to be thonged – while the snap doesn't flaunt a traditional thong view, there's little to suggest that the piece's lower part is offering anything more substantial.

Chanel is posing with her legs either side of the board, she's got her eyes closed, and her left arm is held up to her head.

Given that the photo shows a glamorous-looking rap star soaking up rays in a high-end setting, it would seem that the latter is applicable.

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Singer Chanel West Coast making the most of her first vacation

While making some memories in the sand and surf, she also commemorated the occasion by posing near the edge of the water. She squatted down low so that her round booty was hovering just inches above the ground. She arched her back to pop it out more and glanced over her shoulder, flashing a beaming smile at the camera.

Chanel rested her right hand on her knee and held a glass up in her left hand, as if raising a toast. The cup looked frosted, and it contained a pale green beverage. It appeared to be a mojito loaded with limes and mint leaves.

The singer was clad in a solid black bikini. Her bottoms had a cheeky cut with curved edges that traced the shape of her voluptuous derriere. Her top had a ruched front with a low neckline. Wide adjustable straps with metallic slides supported her ample bust.

Chanel's long, dark hair cascaded down her back in loose waves, giving her a mermaid vibe. The sun made its copper-tinted ends gleam. She had clipped the front of her lustrous mane back with a pearl-encrusted barrette, and she wore a matching pair of hoop earrings. Her other accessories included an assortment of stacked bracelets in silver and gold on her left wrist. She finished her look with a pair of oversize sunglasses with a unique design. They featured flat, dark lenses that extended outside the edges of the eyewear's silver frames.

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