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Hannah Ann Sluss is soaking up the sun in the Bahamas

The Bachelor star Hannah Ann Sluss is soaking up the sun in the Bahamas. Sluss, 27, shared pictures of herself frolicking on a beautiful beach in a bright striped bathing suit, surrounded by clear waters and blue skies. "Living on island time ☀️?️," she captioned the post.

Sluss starts the day with fresh celery juice. "A healthy morning ritual that I follow every single day is drinking celery juice on an empty stomach," she says. "I swear by it! It helps me with bloating and has really cleared up my skin. My favorite is Suja Organic celery juice- my fridge is stocked with it."

Sluss says breakfast is a non-negotiable as she always eats fresh strawberries, which she calls an obsession. "Strawberries give you a lot of nutritional value for very few calories," says Bailey Flora, MS, RDN, LD. "They're tasty but naturally low in sugar. That's a combination that's hard to beat."

Sluss's favorite workout is running. "I absolutely love running! I've taken this time during quarantine to train for a half marathon," she says. "I also enjoy taking long walks with Bala ankle weights. I really like to integrate P.Volve into my workout routine because it's low impact and perfect for sculpting. Five must-do morning stretches would be a downward dog, child's pose, side oblique stretch, and single-leg stretch. Relaxation to me means getting to a place where I can enjoy freedom from stress and feel at peace with exactly where I am at that moment."

For Sluss, mental health is as important as physical health. "One of my goals is to not be so hard on myself," she says. "I am constantly working towards that goal everyday, it's not something you achieve overnight! Being healthy isn't just physical. It's also mental, spiritual, and ultimately loving yourself to not listen to those negative voices in your own head!"

Sluss's diet secrets are based on sensible choices and balance. "Two diet secrets I would share would be to listen to your body and eat when you are hungry," she says. "Starving yourself is never a good idea. I also think that drinking water is so important. I try to drink at least a gallon a day to stay hydrated and I find that it curbs my appetite and helps with my skin. The second secret would be to eliminate processed foods. When I go to the grocery store I try to stay away from the middle isles and choose fresh produce, vegetables and meats. I try to avoid buying processed snacks and eat from the refrigerator as much as I can."

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Hannah Ann flaunts her incredible figure during a getaway

Hannah Ann Sluss is living her best life on vacation in her swimsuit. The season 24 winner of The Bachelor flaunts her incredible figure in one of her latest social media posts, lounging in a swimsuit while eating nachos during a getaway. "Vacation state of mind ?Soaking up every moment of it!" she captioned the series of snaps. "I know those nachos anywhere! Best evvver!" Andi Dorfman commented. "Cute girl," added another. "Beautiful," commented another follower.

Hannah's main form of fitness is strength and weight training workouts. She recently shared a video on social media of one of her sessions, and it was intense. She did lots of combination moves to work multiple muscles at once, resistance cables and bands to intensify moves and lots of weights and kettlebells.

Hannah also loves strengthening and leaning her body with the help of a reformer. "Might be sore today, but stronger tomorrow," she started a 2021 Instagram post along with a photo of herself on a Pilates reformer.

Hannah also stresses the importance of prioritizing mental health. "My health journey has had its ups + downs," she continued in the same post. "I started modeling at a young age and felt the pressure to look a certain way.. fit the mold that my agents or clients wanted. But by far I am my own worst critic… one of my goals is to not be so hard on myself. I am constantly working towards that goal everyday, its not something you achieve overnight! I realized that being healthy isn't just physical, it's also mental, spiritual, and ultimately loving yourself to not listen to those negative voices in your own head! Give yourself some grace and know that you are beautiful and strong! I hope to share more of my fitness journey with you all! "

Hannah is big into healthy cooking. Recently, she revealed how to make meat-free meatballs. "Cozy recipe of the week — Meatball Meal Prep using @Impossible_Foods ? These meatballs are protein rich and delicious!!" she captioned a post.

Hannah also engages in calorie-blasting outdoor activities. Tennis, pickleball and golf are just a few of the sports she plays. "Ace, Ace, Baby ? Took my first pickle ball lesson and fell in love with it ? If you haven't tried it, definitely give it a swing lol!!" she captioned one recent post. In one of her latest posts shared while on vacation, she even went golfing. "On trips, Jake and I each chose a day where we plan a a fun day date for one another! Today's was Jake's and of course it involved playing golf! The best part for me was the amazing food made for us while golfing ⛳️ Jake only lost a few balls, but it's okay," she wrote.

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The Bachelor star Hannah Ann Sluss revealed her love for Mexican food

The reality TV personality may have been trying to highlight her plate of food in the pics, but it was her gorgeous bikini body that stole all the attention.

Hannah is best known for being Peter Weber’s runner-up during Season 24 of The Bachelor. She lost out to Madison Prewett when she was left heartbroken during the finale. However, after her most recent photos, it seems clear that Hannah is not lacking for suitors.

Hannah wore a stunning celestial bikini in the shots. The skimpy blue top boasted a revealing neckline that allowed her to flaunt her abundant cleavage. The thin straps also showcased her toned arms and shoulders.

The matching bikini bottoms tied over her curvy hips and fit snugly against her slender waist as they helped her show off her muscular thighs. Her flat tummy and impressive abs were also in the spotlight.

Hannah accessorized the style with layered gold chains around her neck. She added a matching bracelet on her wrist and multiple rings on her fingers. She also sported a pair of gold-rimmed sunglasses and a teal cover-up that fell off her shoulders.

In the first photo, Hannah kneeled on top of a white lounge chair. She shifted her weight to the side as she smiled for the camera and pointed to the plate of Mexican food in her hand.

The second photo was similar but featured her with one hand resting on her thigh. In the background of the shots, multiple chairs and umbrellas could be seen sitting on a white sand beach. Hannah geotagged her location as Descanso Beach Club.

She wore her long, dark hair parted to the side and styled in loose waves that fell down her back and brushed over her shoulder.

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