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Karina Irby hits back all the trolls

Karina Irby has named and shamed cruel trolls who attacked her over her unedited bikini pics, including one woman who told her she looked almost twice her age.

Gold Coast “bum queen” Karina Irby has outed Instagram users who took aim at her over the revealing snaps.

Irby, promote body positivity, regularly posts unedited pics and proudly showing off her skin conditions.

But while she has received huge amounts of praise for her “positive vibes” in the pics, not all her fans were impressed, with one cruelly saying she looks “disgusting”.

But Kirby had no problem sharing the comments, referring to the trolls as “idiots” and saying it was important to share it for those who were also copping serves from trolls online.

“I LOVE social media, and I LOVE putting myself out there to help others feel less alone, make someone smile and distract people from their busy life’s,“ she wrote.

“But I don’t love how people can treat one another on here. Hiding behind their screens. What gross and disgusting behaviour.

“People literally end their lives over comments like this.”

Last year, she made headlines for shaming a “Karen” who told her to lose weight.

“Just had a look back on here. I’m not trying to be rude but I feel like all your skin issues etc may have started when you started putting on weight.

“Maybe try and lose some weight and see if it lessens a little bit for you?,” the woman wrote.

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arina Irby, an Australian model who celebrates body positivity, says she received vile comments after posting photos and videos of her unedited bottom 

A bikini model who proudly shares unedited photos of her figure has revealed she was targeted by vile trolls because she has cellulite.

Karina Irby, from the Gold Coast in Australia, uses her page to celebrate "real female bodies."

But, like many online personalities, she's had to put up with some cruel taunting from people over the content she posts.

After the 31-year-old recently shared a video of her bikini-clad bottom on the platform, she revealed she was inundated with a barrage of abuse - including one message encouraging her to self-harm.

But reports the model wasn't having any of it and called out the nasty

“Yes I put myself out there on the internet but that doesn’t allow you the right to abuse, shame and attack me. Or anyone for that matter,” she said.

“I get told to end my life, I’m fat. I’m revolting, I’m a disgrace to females.”

She added lots of people accuse her of "asking for it" because she posts photos of herself in a bikini. But she insists that isn't the case.

Karina said: "Unfortunately for you I’m stronger than what you think and I’ll always come out on top thrusting to your STUPID comments.”

Proud Karina then described her stunning figure as "a work of art."

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