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Madison Lintz wrapped up the last week of October in sunny Spain

Bosch Star Madison Lintz wrapped up the last week of October in sunny Spain. Lintz, who plays Maddie Bosch on the Amazon Prime show, shared highlights from her vacation, including a snap of her posing in a green bikini next to a beautiful palm tree, the ocean behind her as a backdrop. "Love the new Bosch: Legacy season. It's been amazing for us fans to watch you evolve your character and mature with such poise over the years. Proud of you, Mads," a fan commented.

Acting was inevitable for Lintz, as her whole family is in the industry. "Yes my entire family aside from my dad acts!" she says. "My mom took me to a commercial shoot she was working on when I was six and from that moment on I've been hooked! My parents have helped me so much, it's such a dream. The hours are long, but gratifying."

Lintz starred on The Walking Dead, which she loved. " I really enjoyed working on the show, I had an absolute blast, it was like summer camp with zombies. I'm very thankful that I got to be a part of a show that became so popular and gained such a dedicated following! It was very interesting to see the show rise in popularity, my family and I had no idea it was gonna blow up like that."

Lintz practically grew up on the Bosch set. "So much has happened in that time," she says. "I started on the show when I was 15, and I couldn't drive. Now I'm 22, and I have my own apartment, I can drink, I can drive. I've become an adult in that time, so what haven't I learned? I guess the main thing I learned is that it is possible to be able to work with passionate artists, and I can do this. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. If you watch season 7, there are definitely some decisions that my character, Maddie—which is weird. It was confusing, because everybody just calls me Maddie on set, and sometimes actors think I'm being method in introducing myself as my character. But that's fine, it's my name, but there was a lot of confusion. Maddie is definitely going through it. She has some decisions she will have to make."

Lintz doesn't shy away from difficult storylines. "I love working with heavier material, personally," she says. "It allows for more character development. But, even with that being said, as an actor you have to take the precautions necessary to ensure that the heaviness and sadness do not stick with you! You have to have a thick skin in this business. There's a lot of rejection. Shaking things off has to be an actor's middle name!"

Lintz loves her job, even the hard parts. "I love the challenge of it," she says. "I love how exhilarating it can feel, even in seemingly mundane moments. I love being able to throw my heart and soul into every scene. I love how there's always more to discover about a character, one more element of a scene to consider. I love working with actors who are also passionate about what they do."

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