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Taapsee Pannu talks about the difference in cultivating a bikini body and an athletic body

Actress Taapsee Pannu, who will soon be seen as an athlete in the film Rashmi Rocket, spoke about the difference in cultivating a ‘bikini body’ and an ‘athlete’s body'. Taapsee has done both.

In an interview, the star said that she had issued ‘standing instructions’ to her team that she would never take any steroids to help her achieve the physique required to play the track and field athlete in Rashmi Rocket, even if that meant falling short of the goals they'd set for her.

Asked about the difference between the two body types, Taapsee told Film Companion in Hindi, “There's a big difference. To get a bikini body, you have to follow a streamlined approach, and that is to simply shed weight. Nothing between your skin and bones. That's what you have to achieve, if you look at the kind of bikini body that people expect to see; slim and slender. Now, I don't have a body type that can complement that kind of look. I am an athletically built person, so even if I get down to skin and bones, you won't see that petite frame that you see with a lot of other actress.”

She continued, “I was always inclined to have a slightly muscular body which looks like I've put in the hard work.”

Taapsee said that it takes a ‘very scientific approach’ to building an athletic body, with every muscle requiring a different exercise. Attention is also paid to what you eat, and what kind of workout you do, to the kind of machines you use. “It's a different ball-game altogether,” she said.

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