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Emily Ratajkowski’s fans think she has not made good choices for her latest bikini photos

bikini-news.php?tag=Emily+Ratajkowski" >Emily Ratajkowski’s most recent photo is stirring controversy. Emily frequently posts bikini pictures of herself modeling the swimsuits and many go viral. A new photo showing Emily in the yellow, leopard print bikini isn’t going over well with all of the customers. Emily is a big fan of the print and leopard is in style right now with the fabric showing up in many celebrity outfits and on designer racks. Emily has modeled the print in several suits, but the latest picture is the one that has received negative feedback.

In the photo, the lower part of Emily’s bust is exposed and some fans aren’t thrilled about this design for a bathing suit top. While many people often say that Emily’s bathing suits are unrealistic and designed for women who are approximately a size 0, this design has not only been deemed unrealistic but also vulgar.

Emily is known for her beauty, but while many women do love her sense of style and her bathing suits, there are many who say they are not inclusive towards all women. The styles are not popular with plus-size women and many comments have been made that the bathing suits are not suitable for all women.

Emily Ratajkowski also shared a new photo on her official Instagram account wearing the bathing suit where you stated that she was “squeezing in the pool days.”

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