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Charly Jordan shares some gorgeous photos

DJ and content creator, Charly Jordan, shares a lot of gorgeous photos on her Instagram. She recently enjoyed a beach day in Oahu, Hawaii. She also decided to do some yoga poses at the beach. Jordan shared a new set of photos on Instagram. In them, she is seen in a bridge pose and lying on the sand. Jordan wore an orange bathing suit, showing off her figure. She captioned the post, "Flow state."

Jordan opened up about her life and career in an interview on The Zach Sang Show. She says that she is working on accepting compliments from other people. Jordan says that she used to overthink compliments, but is working on no longer having this mindset. "I think to be able to accept a compliment is nice. Cause I know a lot of people that are in the position that I'm in, and like when people compliment them, it happens so frequently. They actually get really avoidant of it and are anxious about it. Which I totally understand. I actually went through a phase where I hated when people complimented the way that I looked right off the bat. Cause I was like, 'that's the first thing that they notice. What I value about myself isn't what other people value about me.' And it was like this whole fucking spiral that I went down. But now I kind of am just like, 'wow, that's like really nice that someone would even say anything in general.'"

Jordan is all about putting in the work. And parts of that work means trying things out. Jordan said on The Zach Sang Show, "If you want something to be good, you have to put the time and energy into it. So I test things out. I think I test people, I test people for a while before."

In an interview on KIIS FM, Jordan gave some advice to other content creators. She says that consistency is the most important factor. "It's like going along with your life, and building that story, and being consistent. Consistency is probably the biggest tip that I can give people. Um, when growing your social media and being active with people, actually building a relationship with your fans. A lot of people just go for the number, but you gotta even like 20,000 people. Like that's so many people. If you can actually utilize that number."

Jordan is open about her struggles with her mental health. She shared why she decided to open up about this to KIIS FM. "I really struggled with my mental health," she admits. "I was trying to talk to people around me about it. And no one knew what I was talking about. I was like, 'Hey, I'm having panic attacks.' No one in my family struggled with that. No one that I knew struggled with that. So I got online, and kind of went live one day and talked about it and there were, I mean I only had like, I think it was like 10,000 followers at the time, but there were some people that were like, 'I struggled with that too.' And that really motivated me to wanna keep talking about it, to wanna keep posting. And that's, that's the whole reason we're supposed to be online."

Jordan makes sure to workout. She shared this lower body circuit on her Instagram. In it, Jordan does exercises like high knee hip rotations, low arm sweeps, and glute stretches. She captioned the post, "Since so many of you have been asking! Here's one of my at home circuit workouts that I do all the time to work my legs and glutes. All you need is ankle weights and a set of 25lb weights!"

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Mai Tai Bikini Black

The Mai Tai Bikini in Black Matte is out of this world, the best! It ties everywhere for the perfect fit for all body types. The top scoops the cleavage with spaghetti ties at neck and offers support with a band under bust tying at back. Ultimate comfort in a string bikini top! The bottom ties at high cut leg on the hip and scoops...


Charly Jordan flaunts her famous figure

Charly Jordan rang in the new year in Dubai – in her swimsuit! The model flaunts her famous figure wearing a bathing suit under a sheer, shimmering dress to bid adieu to 2022 while partying with pals in one of her latest social media posts. "2023 sparkly," she captioned the Instagram post.

Charly loves burning calories via water sports, including free diving, jet skiing, and snorkeling. However, she confesses she doesn't like the way the snorkel feels in her mouth. "I'll hold my breath and swim down," she said during an interview with Women's Health.

Charly maintains a healthy diet. She revealed to Women's Health that she likes to shop at Whole Foods, where she can pick up pre-prepared healthy meals, and also Trader Joes for healthy snacks. "I'm really tryna look like these chicken tenders by the end of this trip," she captioned this post of her vacation meal, which consisted of lots of fresh fruit and chicken. One thing you won't find her snacking on? Nuts, as she is allergic.

Charly loves striking a pose, but not just with modeling. "Yoga, forever," she revealed during her interview with Women's Health. "Bringing this challenge to Instagram ? If you don't already, follow me on tik tok," she captioned a recent post.

Charly takes care of her mind as well. "Being mentally healthy is of the utmost importance," Charly told Forbes. "Such a big part of my job is being emotional and influential to other people. You must make sure you're taking care of yourself before you start to influence or take care of other people. I believe that taking care of myself first has allowed me to help so many people, which is what I'm passionate about down to my core. When I speak to individuals and when I go about my work life, I am a very emotional person, and I'm proud to say that. Being emotionally intelligent isn't bad."

Charly loves boxing, which boasts health benefits, "because it constantly requires you to think, change your position, and change your posture," physical therapist Linda Arslanian, director of rehabilitation services at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's hospital tells Harvard Health."You're swinging your arms, moving the muscles of your arms and shoulders, increasing your upper-body strength. And when you're in the boxer crouch with a wide stance, with your knees slightly bent, you're strengthening your core muscles, back, and legs."

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Curvy Girl Bikini

Simple and perfect for the bustier, curvier girl. The Curvy Girl Bikini in black Matte has little thicker strings and is are so much stronger than the average bikini string. It is ideal for someone that needs a little more strength from a string style bikini. The triangle top slides and adjusts under the bust and ties at neck and back. The bottoms have a adjustable keyhole...


Charly Jordan is stunning in Bali bikini photo

Model and DJ Charly Jordan is having a fun trip in Bali, Indonesia.

Jordan looked incredible in a shared picture of her having the best time on the beach after a swim in the ocean.

The model stunned wearing black bikini bottoms and a brown top. She showed her followers her amazing physique and they also got a glimpse of her arm tattoos.

She could be seen wearing a gold necklace, as well as a bracelet of the same color in one hand, and a hotel bracelet on the other.

Jordan kept her face natural to be beach-ready and enjoy the Indonesian water.

She posted this shot on her Instagram Stories and added a funny caption that read, “No but like fr we should kiss.”

Just before Jordan hit the road once again, she spent a relaxing day by the pool at the Resort World Hotel in Las Vegas.

She also happened to be a headliner DJ at the resort and performed at the hotel’s Zouk Nightclub.

The model wore a black strapless swimsuit with cutouts in the front as well as on the back that showed off her toned physique.

She left her blonde hair down and straight, and let her curtain bangs fall flawlessly over her forehead.

To accessorize, she put on a silver snake-like chocker, as well as hoop earrings and a gold carrier bracelet. She kept her makeup very natural by only adding a small eyeliner wing and curling her lashes.

Charly Jordan shares her 10-minute makeup routine with Allure

It is no news that the 23-year-old travels a lot for a living. Therefore, she has to figure out ways to keep her skin clear of acne as it has to adjust all the time to different weathers.

Jordan shared her 10-minute makeup routine with Allure’s YouTube channel. She started by preparing and protecting her skin with SPF. Then she moved on to applying her makeup, starting off with concealer, then a tinted face oil.

The DJ ended up using 14 products on her face, keeping it very natural and glowy, and giving the viewers tips about how to conceal the blemishes.

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Strappy High Cut 1-PC

This fashion Strappy Slick High Cut will be the best fitting 1-PC you have ever worn! Sleek in style in Black shiny tricot fabric will have heads turning and you feeling like a beach diva! High-cut makes your legs look longer and your hips look slimmer. Side straps add a ton of sexiness to this solid black 1-PC. Deep plunging neckline ...


All-American hottie Hannah Palmer is a globe-trotter 

When she travels, the Los Angeles-based model usually heads to locations with warm climates, like Cancun and Hawaii.

Hannah wrote that she was "missing Africa." Unfortunately for influencers like herself, the COVID-19 pandemic has made travel difficult, and those who have left the United States over the past year have faced a backlash for doing so. For example, model Charly Jordan made headlines when she took a trip to Rwanda that was disrupted by a false positive COVID test. She later apologized for traveling during the pandemic.

The location of Hannah's photos wasn't easily identifiable as Africa or anywhere else due to the images' burred backgrounds. Her swimsuit consists of a white piece with a low neckline and open legs.

Hannah faced the camera, while seen kneeling pool side. Her hands are on her legs, leaning forward, giving us a view of her cleavage.

Hannah's blond hair was styled in loose, windswept waves. She flashed a big smile at the camera as she showed off her tight tummy, curvy hips, and toned thighs.

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California White One Piece

Simple but sexy, the California One Piece in White Tricot (a little sparkle and sheen) is great for the active woman or for the classic in mind.  Shelf bra construction with a criss cross strap back for support.  The high cut leg offers a long and slender look. Perfect for participating in any type of beach activity, swimming some laps...


Charly Jordan wore a red bikini as she posed on the beach

In the pictures we can see Charly’s insanely fit figure. She sat on the sand and stretched her long, lean legs behind her as she embraced the sunshine.

She arched her back slightly in another picture that had her angled to the side as she sat in the water. This position highlighted her curvy booty quite well.

The triangle top of the bikini showcased Charly’s cleavage and just a hint of the bottoms could be seen in the initial snap. Subsequent pictures showed that the bottoms dipped far below her navel and had long straps hanging on the sides.

The series of photos showed Charly at a variety of distances from the camera to ensure that every inch of her beauty was captured. Charly noted that she was in her happy place as she posed for these shots.

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Itsy Bitsy String Bikini

This skimpy little bikini in Cherry Matte has just the right amount of coverage to show off your body without showing too much! Basic triangle top (ties at neck and back) and itsy bitsy bottoms (ties on both sides of hip) are the perfect combination that tie everywhere for the perfect fit! Great for the beach,  sun lounger, or walking the beach with that special...


Charly Jordan showed off her killer curves rocking a bikini on a yacht

The photos showed Charly both relaxing on the white boat’s deck and hanging off the edge as the wind blew through her hair. In one shot, she posed with a friend in front of a large rock formation. The water appeared to a bit choppy and the sky was filled with dark clouds, but that didn’t stop the babe from enjoying her day out in her swimwear.

Charly’s bikini included a white top covered in small black polka dots. The underwire top had a small cut-out at the center and a plunging neckline that did little to contain the influencer’s ample cleavage. The top cut off just below her bust, so her flat, toned tummy was fully on display.

On her lower half, Charly wore a matching U-shaped thong. The front of the bikini bottom sat low on her waist to show off her abs, while the sides came up high, just above her hips, and accentuated her hourglass shape. She finished off the look with a pair of sheer white linen pants that hung loosely over her lean legs. The waistband was pulled down, so the thong stuck out.

As for accessories, Charly added a few gold bracelets on her wrists, as well as layered gold necklaces and dainty earrings. She wore her blond locks down to receive the full effects of the wind.

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Calypso Goddess

Calypso Goddess The ultimate black bikini that will make your body achieve Perfect Curves! Shape every inch of your body in this uplifting, body slimming bikini! It will make you feel like the goddess you are. Our classic Calypso underwire top will support and lift a small or full chest.  The low rise v-cut in front and back of the bottoms...


Charly Jordan showing some serious skin

Charly was seen relaxing outside on a beautiful day, noting in the caption that she was “in a world of her own.” She sat criss-cross on top of a hanging daybed that was dressed in white linens while the gentle breeze swept through her long, dirty blond hair. She rested her hands in her lap and fixated her eyes on the camera in front of her, staring it down with an alluring gaze and a soft smile.

The sensation went full bombshell as she soaked up the sun in a tiny bikini that did nothing but favors for her slender physique. The skimpy two-piece was bright pink with hints of gold and white, and boasted a bold, though its revealing design seemed to be enough to captivate the attention of her adoring fans.

Charly’s swimwear look included a sports bra-style top with thin straps that showcased her toned arms and shoulders. Its wide scoop neckline fell low on her chest, exposing her bronzed decolletage and a glimpse of cleavage. There also appeared to be a small cut-out design underneath her chest, giving her ensemble even more of a sultry vibe.

The matching bikini bottoms were not in full view, however, it was easy to tell that the garment was just as risque. The number sat low on Charly’s hips to draw attention to her taut tummy, abs, and trim waist. It also displayed her lean legs thanks to its cheeky, high-cut design.

The star added some glitz to her barely there look with a set of gold bangle bracelets and hoop earrings. She tied her hair in a half up-half-down style that first fell behind her back, but was gathered in front of her shoulders by the second slide of the upload. Charly also showed off her striking natural beauty with a minimal application of makeup that looked to consist of a light red lipstick, dusting of blush, and thick coat of mascara.

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Vogue Rio Bikini

Lealia Orchid Collection The Vogue top is paired with the Rio bottoms for an exclusive UjENA Bikini. Mix and match with the La Lola Skirted to have the perfect weekender wardrobe! The UjENA exclusive print, Lealia Orchid, is so darn girly and will tanscend you to the tropics. Mix and Match with 4 different pieces, The Lealia Orchid Collection. Made...


Charly Jordan looks amazing wearing a skimpy blue bikini

Charly’s post consisted of three photos that showed her striking different poses by the ocean. She did not indicate where or when the pictures were taken. The skies were overcast but one thing was certain she looked incredible.

The stunner’s bikini was made of a textured, bright blue fabric. The top featured triangle cups that revealed a good deal of her chest. The bottoms were a classic style with strings that tied on the side. Her wet hair was slicked back.

The first picture saw Charly on her knees in shallow water putting her curves on display. The snap gave her fans a nice look at her cleavage and flat abs. Her toned thighs were also prominent.

In the second image, the model stood on a rock near the shore. The shot captured her from the side at a slight angle as she tossed her hair and arched her back while bending one knee. The pose showed off her perky derrière and toned legs.

The third photo saw Charly in a flirty and fun pose. The model held her hands above her head and flashed the peace sign while sticking out her tongue. She flaunted her slender waist as she turned toward the camera.

Charly wore a light application of makeup that included smoky eye shadow, thick lashes, and blush on the apples of her cheeks. She also wore a rose shade on her lips.

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Itsy Bitsy String Bikini

This skimpy little bikini in Tropicana Navy Jacquard fabric is soft and comfortable. It has just the right amount of coverage to show off your body without showing too much! Basic triangle top (ties at neck and back) and itsy bitsy bottoms (ties on both sides of hip) are the perfect combination that tie everywhere for the perfect fit! Great for the...


Charly Jordan worked the camera in a skimpy bikini 

Charly looked like a sexy beach bunny in a skimpy black string bikini. The model showed off her toned arms, tiny waist, flat tummy, curvy hips, long legs and cleavage in the swimwear.

The model flashing her curves with a serious look on her face. She held her sunglasses in her hand and accessorized the bikini with thick chains around her neck, bracelets on her wrists and rings on her fingers.

Charly wore her long, golden locks parted down the center and styled in loose waves that fell over her shoulder and down her back. She also opted for a natural makeup look, which included sculpted eyebrows, thick lashes, and a fresh face. She completed the look with pink blush on her cheeks and nude lips.

Charly doesn’t seem to mind showing off her bikini body. Just last week the model posed in the mirror while rocking a stunning powder blue two-piece in her bathroom.

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Easee Fit Twist Bikini

Easee Fit Collection Take to the beach or catching a few rays at the pool, this Easee Fit bikini is perfect in Black Matte. The strapless Twist bandeau style top has optional neck support. This top will hug and accentuate your bust with the twist front, removable padding, side boning for support, and hooks in the back for adjusted fit (tie back top available upon request). The...


Model Charly Jordan shared photos of herself looking fabulous in a tiny black bikini

The post consisted of two snaps that showed the beauty sitting on the edge of an infinity pool overlooking a view that was presumably somewhere in California. The landscape included treetops, as well as roofs the skyline could be seen in the distance.

One of the photos showed Charly from a side angle as she sat on the edge of the pool with one knee pulled up to her chest and her other hanging off the side. She was barefoot and leaned both of her elbows on her knee with one palm on her cheek. She gazed at the camera with a serious look. A small tattoo on the side of her forearm was visible. The pose showed off her long, toned legs and slender waistline. Sunlight hitting her back accentuated her smooth skin and blond hair.

In the second photo, Charly sat with her back facing the camera. Her legs were slightly spread, putting her perky derrière on display in the cheeky bikini bottoms. Also on display was her hourglass figure, as well as her toned back and arms. She turned her head to the side so the camera could capture her profile over her bare shoulder. Her eyes were closed, and she seemed to be enjoying the sun warming her body.

Charly’s hair was parted on the side, and she wore it straight down. Her makeup included smoky eye shadow, eyeliner, and blush on the apples of her cheeks. She also wore a matte shade on her lips and a bold white color on her nails. She accessorized with layered necklaces and stud earrings.

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Colombian Bikini

The Colombian Bikini is an all time classic bikini in Black Matte four way stretch fabric. Our Colombian top is slightly taller than the traditional triangle offering a little more coverage for the bust. Strings tie at neck and back for that custom fit. Our Colombian scrunch bottoms hug and shape your rear perfectly. In quality UjENA is known for, you will...

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