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Yazmin Oukhellou flaunts her famous curves

Yazmin is waking up Dubai in her swimsuit. The TOWIE star flaunts her famous curves in a bathing suit in one of her latest social media posts, also sharing a motivating message with her followers. "Good morning my lovelies I hope you all have the best day. Don't worry about yesterday. Or the day before that. Today is a chance for a fresh start and a chance to be whoever it is you want to be. Love Yaz," she captioned the Instagram photo.

Yazmin fuels up with protein. She recently dished about her diet to Closer. "For breakfast, I'll have a protein shake, usually a cookies and cream flavor. I love it with a dollop of peanut better," she said. "For lunch, I'll have something Turkish, like chicken with either bulgur rice or plain rice and salad. For dinner, I'll make a chicken stir fry or fajitas, or a Bolognese.

If you want a body like Yazmin, you are going to have to sweat for it. "If I feel like I want to exercise I'll go every day for a week, but then a week later I won't go for a fortnight," she told New UK. "My break-up [with James Lock] has done me wonders, because that's what's got me back into the gym. When I was with James I was comfort eating and putting on weight, but now I'm single I want to get that revenge body." What is her workout? "A warm-up run for 10-15 minutes, then I'll do squats and planks to rm my bum and abs."

Yazmin refuses to deprive herself. "I love sweets," Yazmin confessed to Closer. "I've got a whole sweet cupboard in my house!" She told New UK that how she eats depends on her mood. "Sometimes I want to be really healthy or vegetarian," she said. "I'm dairy and gluten intolerant, but I still eat them. I'll get bloated, but it doesn't happen all the time."

Yazmin admits that she struggles with self-confidence and "110 percent" feels pressure to "look a certain way." However, she feels her best when she is taking care of herself. "Like all women, if I've been going to the gym for a week then I start to feel good in myself. But if I have a couple of weeks off and start binge eating, then I don't feel as confident," she told New UK.

Yazmin recently started swimming. "Your fitness is 100% mental. When I was told I may not be able to use my arm fully again so I asked if I could start swimming. I was told you can try but you won't be able to for a good while. I told myself don't listen Yaz. Your going swimming tomorrow. And I did. I swam five lengths and I cried and called my mum. This has taught me that anything you want to achieve in life. No matter what it is. No matter how many times others tell you that you can't. You CAN. Don't listen to anyone other than your own mind. If you want something you CAN achieve it. & guess what I now swim 60 lengths most days," she said in an Instagram post.

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Yazmin Oukhellou in Bikini Says "Catch me at the Beach"

The Only Way Is Essex star, Yazmin Oukhellou, has never been afraid of showing off her body. Her Instagram account is full of gorgeous photos and videos. Oukhellou shared a new swimsuit video this week. In it, she posed in a tan knit bathing suit and matching wrap. Her incredible abs were on display. Oukhellou captioned the video, "Catch me at the beach."

Oukhellou revealed some of her wellness secrets to Heatworld. She says that she likes to practice meditation each day. "Every morning, I try to put on a morning meditation before I get out of bed just to start my day off positive. I think for me, self-love and also gratitude is a really, really big thing. So I try to do that every single morning and also before I go to sleep, I put on a sleep meditation to unblock my chakras and I think that really, really does help."

Oukhellou is all about self-care. She tells Heatworld that she sets aside one day for herself. "I like to run a nice bath and put my crystals in there. I put the candles on, put some meditation music on, get out and put a face mask on. I always do chamomile and honey tea before I go to sleep. And it will just be no alcohol, no sugary substances or sweets and things I do love to binge on. Just giving myself some me time."

Oukhellou revealed some of the best advice she's been given to Heatworld. "I think just be yourself and forget what anyone thinks about it," she says. "And, excuse my language, but who gives a shit? Just live your life and do what you want to do and live by how you want to live and don't listen to anyone else."

Oukellou revealed some of her favorite exercises in this Instagram video. In it, she does a lot of bodyweight exercises for her core and lower body. Oukellou is seen doing different circuits, including types of squats, back leg lifts, Russian twists, and crunches. She captioned it, "Day 3 @wellnessretreatworldwide and I am feeling the burn. I am so glad I've come away to fully work on myself inside & out with the help of the amazing @samwestfitness & @dr.sandrarasqui. I'm learning so much about myself each and everyday and I honestly didn't realise how much training your mindset to be more positive and present is what has really got me through everything. I'm going to start to share daily tips with you all to help any of you who may be going through something similar. If you want to try the workout we did today at home I've listed it, love Yaz."

Oukellou spends a lot of time in the water. She posts a lot of pool and beach photos on her Instagram. She shared this photo of herself in a pool in Dubai, captioning it, "I know there's evil eye. I'm living dangerously." Oukellou also posted this Dubai pool photo, captioning it, "She was beautiful, passionate and just as crazy as I am. She could party like a man and love like a woman."

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Yazmin Oukhellou soaks up the sun

Yazmin Oukhellou put on a sizzling display in a swimsuit as she soaked up the sun in Marbella on Tuesday after getting dressed up for Halloween.

The TV personality, 28, looked sensational as she posed for Instagram snaps in the plunging grey one-piece on a balcony in a lavish villa in Puerto Banus.

The former TOWIE star played with her dark hair, which she styled in loose waves as she held onto a beige shirt in her other hand.

Yazmin wrote: 'The [sun] just makes everything a little bit better, I swear.'

The TV personality shared a another photo this week as she partied in Spain, celebrating Halloween in a racy ensemble.

The reality star put on a busty display in a silk black corset mini dress as she dressed up for the annual holiday with pals.

She opted for a bronzed palette of makeup, adding two fake blood patches to her chest and forehead to make her outfit scary.

Yazmin completed the number with a dazzling silver bracelet and a chic black handbag as she partied at Mosh Fun Kitchen during the lavish getaway.

She revealed: 'I mean I tried with the Halloween makeup…'

Last week, Yazmin revealed that she desperately tried to wake up her ex-boyfriend Jake McLean after the horror car crash in Turkey which killed him, but he was unresponsive.

In a raw interview she said she was 'torn apart by grief' for Jake and told of the horrific trolling she has received from people for moving on with her life.

Businessman Jake, 33, was killed instantly on July 3 when his blue Mercedes E class saloon plunged down from a mountainous road down a ravine in Bodrum, Turkey, - while Yazmin who was in the passenger seat was seriously injured.

Now Yazmin has revealed the details of that terrible day, describing trying to bring him round and her subsequent search for help.

She told The Sun: 'I tried to wake Jake up, but he wasn't waking. I tried to beep the horn with my foot, but I couldn't reach it.

'We were in the middle of nowhere and so screaming for help wasn't any good. I knew I had to get out of the car and somehow I found the strength to free my arm by lifting it with my left hand, moving my right arm up and dropping it back down for what felt like forever until I snapped it free.'

She then found a man on the road to help her, but when paramedics arrived Yazmin said she 'knew already in her gut that he had gone.'

'They said they were taking him to another hospital and kept telling me he was alive and OK – I think because they didn't want to cause me any further distress', she added.

Yazmin - who now suffers from PTSD, nightmares, flashbacks and panic attacks - went on to explain that she now questions why she survived but he didn't, saying she felt angry that he was gone but she was still here.

Yazmin receives therapy now for her anxiety after at the start thinking she would never get over it or be able to 'unsee what she saw'.

In the chat Yazmin also touched on the trolling she has received since the crash, with many sending her horrible messages when they see her moving on.

She said she gets nasty comments when she is on holiday or out for dinner when in reality 'just because she's smiling in a picture, it doesn't mean she's smiling inside'.

It has been claimed the couple had a blazing row at a nightclub shortly before the crash, something which Jake's mum Anita Walsh told Turkish authorities she believed could have played a role in her son's death.

This led to a bitter fallout between Yazmin and Anita, who banned the reality star from Jake's funeral in Essex last month.

Jake's secret girlfriend Chloe Hennessey, 27, a beauty therapist, was invited to the funeral and posted a series of touching photos on Instagram of the couple, paying tribute to the man she will 'love forever'.

Writing on an Instagram post sharing a photo of her and Jake, Chloe said: 'What a beautiful day for a beautiful soul. So happy everyone important that should've been there showed up.

'So many laughs, cries, and happy memories with all his closest loved ones. Hope you can fully rest in peace now fly high Jakey. Love you forever always in our hearts.'

On the day of Jake's funeral, Yazmin broke her social media silence, writing: 'I have been taking some time away from social media to fully focus on my mental and physical recovery.

'I needed this time away to work on healing and processing everything as best I can.

'This has taught me that life is so short and we must cherish our loved ones as much as possible.

'I am so grateful for our memories and the special time that Jake and I shared. I've not stopped thinking about him and I'll miss him always. He will forever hold a special place in my heart.'

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Yazmin Oukhellou looks incredible in a bikini

The TOWIE star, 28, looked sensational as she posed in a bright pink bikini during a lavish getaway at Nikki Beach, just hours after seemingly opening up about her healing process following the death of on-off boyfriend Jake McClean earlier this year.

The reality TV star wore her brunette tresses pulled away from her face in a chic ponytail as she posed on an array of yellow towels, teaming her skimpy bikini with a flash watch, matching pink manicure, a simple silver pendant necklace, stud earrings, and keeping her makeup minimal.

Yazmin's holiday snap comes less than 24 hours on from the star sharing an inspirational quote about healing - telling: "It might hurt so bad right now. It might be all you can think about. But it will make you stronger. Trust me. I know. You got this. I believe in you! Love Yaz."

The star's brave face comes as she continues to heal from a tragic car crash in Turkey which saw on-off boyfriend and Lauren Goodger's former partner Jake McLean die and left the TOWIE star having to break her own arm in order to escape the wreckage and survive.

Yazmin arrived back in the UK shortly after the tragic accident in July this year, being discharged from hospital after undergoing surgery due to her arm being seriously injured, but was not present at Jake's funeral in August, amid rumors the late businessman's family had banned his on-off girlfriend from the farewell.

Yazmin Oukhellou shared a poignant quote with her fans which reads: Your wounds will heal because that's what wounds are meant to do. Your cuts and scrapes may leave behind scars, reminding you of that fall or break but they will heal and you will be stronger than you were before.

"It's the same for heartbreaks and disappointments and failures. They might sting now, they might make you sick to your stomach. They might bring you to your knees right now, but soon you will be healed. And soon you will be stronger than you ever were before."

Speaking shortly after Jake's death in July, Yazmin confessed that she loved the late businessman 'so hard' as she spoke out about the tragic crash.

Jake, 33, was pronounced dead at the scene when their Mercedes car overturned after plunging 30ft into a ditch in the holiday resort of Bodrum at 4.30am in the morning on Sunday, July 3. Yazmin was sleeping at the time the car veered off the cliff - something doctors say could have possibly saved her life.

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Yazmin Oukhellou rocked the wet hair look

She recently returned to the UK after she relocated to Dubai to pursue a career in real estate.

Yazmin Oukhellou put on a very busty display in a tiny white bikini top and bottom set as she enjoyed a trip away to Ashlin Farm Barns in Lincoln.

The bronzed beauty flaunted her toned midriff in the post and opted for a full face of glam makeup while posing with her hands behind her head in the hot tub.

She was joined by her best pal Junaid Ahmed on her staycation trip where they stayed in a luxury barn.

After splitting with ex-boyfriend James Lock in 2021, Yazmin quit TOWIE and decided to relocate to the UAE.

James has recently rekindled his romance with Love Island star Megan Barton Hanson, 28, as they celebrated her birthday together this week.

She was reportedly left devastated at the start of the year after learning her beau Jake McLean was said to have enjoyed a cozy evening with Ellie Jones.

Sources claim the star's beau, 32, who she has been dating for a year, was seen 'acting single' and 'getting close' with Ellie, 25, during a night out in Dubai.

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Yazmin Oukhellou spends her days soaking up the sun after moving to Dubai

Yazmin Oukhellou showed off her toned figure once again as she posed for a sizzling snap. The former TOWIE star, 27, showcased her taut abs in a barely-there cream bikini.

She added height to her slim frame with gold wedged heels and she accessorized with an elegant watch.

Her brunette locks were styled up in a chic messy bun, while her glam makeup enhanced her flawless features.

Yazmin was reportedly left devastated last month after learning her boyfriend Jake McLean enjoyed a cozy evening with Love Island star Ellie Jones.

Sources claim the star's beau, 32, who she has been dating for a year, was seen 'acting single' and 'getting close' with Ellie, 25, during a night out in Dubai.

Yazmin moved to Dubai last year to be with Jake after quitting TOWIE, following her split from James Lock in February 2021. Sources told The Sun that Jake was seen partying with Ellie at a nightclub in the UAE, and didn't seem to be acting like he had a girlfriend.

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