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South Indian sensation Sowmya Reddy makes waves with bold bikini pics

Sowmya Reddy, a South Indian model and Instagram influencer, captivates with her stunning beauty and grace.

Her recent posts showcasing her bold bikini looks have set social media ablaze.

Sowmya Reddy’s confidence shines through, captivating everyone who sees her. Her flawless fashion sense and graceful posture make every photo special, turning her into a fashion icon.

Fans worldwide can’t help but admire Sowmya Reddy’s captivating gaze and perfect curves, which leave a lasting impact.

Sowmya Reddy’s Instagram presence keeps on inspiring and captivating her audience with her timeless beauty and strong confidence.

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Metro Bikini

The Metro Bikini in Silver Mosaic is very contemporary and for the fashion minded.  You can wear the top with uptown pants and a simple topper in the city after hitting the beach all in the same afternoon! The top is contoured with darts from under the bust with protective and removable padding in the built in pockets above a wide...


Raquel Welch has showcased her timeless beauty in a series of unearthed photos from the early days of the star's career

Hollywood veteran Raquel Welch, 81, rose to fame as an international starlet with her captivating looks and iconic frame.

The legend made her Hollywood name starring in classics such as Bedazzled, One Million Years B.C., Bandolero!, among many others.

In the early days of her career, the model and beauty pageant title winner posed for a series of sultry bikini snaps, which were taken over five decades ago.

The actress, then aged 26, showed off her youthful looks and has barely aged since after the icon made a rare public appearance.

It comes as Raquel was spotted out and about for the first time in over two years after being seen by the Heritage Auctions building in Beverly Hills in September.

In the unearthed pics, the brunette bombshell let her sizzling hourglass curves take centre-stage as she sauntered out of the water in one sultry shot which was taken in 1966 for the film La Bande à César.

The ageless beauty flaunted her toned midriff, as she beamed into the camera.

In another snap, she gave fans an eyeful of her shapely rear in the jaw-dropping shot while holding seaweed.

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Sheer When Wet Colombian Bikini

The sheer when wet bikini is now available in the Colombian style. Feel naked when wet and it isn't see through when dry. The Colombian triangle top is designed a little taller above the bust and slides for the perfect coverage tieing at neck and back.  The popular Colombian bottoms are snug and have a ruched seam to shape your...


Jennifer Aniston is featured on the cover of InStyle magazine, with five separate looks for the publication’s October 2019 Beauty Issue

Jennifer Aniston, 50, looks like she hasn’t aged a day on the covers of InStyle’s October issue. The Morning Show actress graces not one, but six different covers for the magazine’s Beauty Issue, where she is pictured in bathing suits, a suit, and more sexy outfits. Not only does she wear fabulous looks for the magazine, her glam is also perfect and she even rocks bangs on one cover.

But not everybody is happy about one of the actress’s unrecognizable looks. In the first of the covers posted to InStyle’s Instagram page, the 50-year-old actress is rocking a strapless bikini with a number of chunky gold jewels. However, the only thing standing out to readers is Aniston’s noticeably darker and airbrushed skin.

Aniston’s other looks, however, seem more favorable as fans call her “a timeless beauty” and even thank InStyle for the “amazing surprise.”

Aside from just looking gorgeous in the photoshoot, Jennifer opened up about her latest projects as well as her style and love for skincare, which she said she owes all to her mom. The reason she got into skincare in the first place, she admits, “I think it’s because my mom told me to start moisturizing when I turned 15. I’ve been using Aveeno since I was a teenager.”

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Bandeau Banded Rio Bikini

Bandeau Banded Rio Bikini is the best suit if your a sun lounger or not! The Tahitian print is all about the tropics in this heart shaped bust line bandeau and accented with Guava Matte on the optional self adjustable neck support and the band on the bottoms making them adjustable to raise or lower for the right fit on your waist and hips....

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